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Oh that comment that liberal bloggers don't take on liberal leaders is absolute rubbish. And you know it. Or would, if you immersed yourself in liberal blogs. I understand why you don't. I don't immerse myself in right wing blogs for similar reasons to yours.

Anyhoo. Read the Daily Howler if you want to read a liberal blogger who will take down democrats without compunction. He routinely attacks Dean, and has it in for Joe Wilson too. Plus every so called "liberal pundit" out there.

Kevin Drum at also is a liberal blogger willing to take down culpable democrats. Hell, there are plenty.. Liberal bloggers are, for the most part, are idealistic, fervent non-party people. Just look at what the entire liberal blogosphere is trying to do to poor Joe Lieberman. They're trying to run him out on a rail while the Democrats in power keep trying to help poor Holy Joe.

Kevin from

Comment Posted By Tristram On 9.06.2006 @ 02:36

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