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If there was any doubt that Moran has ventured into the loony world of deniers, this piece has just broke the camel's back. Seemingly discussing the UN, it gradually builds up to be yet another "I LOVE JIM INHOFE!" screed. Yes, indeed, "I'm not a... denier" but why should we spend capital to reorganize and reinvest in a new set of infrastructures to combat a dilemma which I wholeheartedly accept or else I would have labeled myself as a denier but I just contended such assertion!!!

Moran censures the UN for its conflict of interest of investment in "related technologies" but, with malice and forethought or sheer zealotry, uses this sophomoric reasoning as a club to beat up the science. This should leave no doubt that he dastardly veneers the denier-amorous, deeply concealed within, with the correlation does not prove causation fallacy. He doesn't deny the science on its merit but he invites us to be awry of "Climategate" because that somehow undermines the "science."

Moran, you've gone from a fence sitter to crowd surfing on the ocean of conspiracy theorists. Congratulations! Of course, if Moran wishes to adequately correct himself, I might be an assistant: "I accept the science for its finding but vigilant of certain elements for their environmentalist kookary. I know the fact the science has determined the climate change is real -- it's just that I don't accept certain solutions offered to address the issue."

Ranting about Climategate when you do not have an ensemble of scientific credibility to discern the correspondence in the context which was provided and firing a panoply of "anecdotal" spiel of piffle regarding the issue day after day, pretty much brands you another denier neophyte who is cozying to the worst of the worst. The pattern is clear for anyone with more than two brain cells to see.

Comment Posted By U.Lessou On 20.12.2009 @ 22:37


Watching Moran trying to reason with Palinists is like yelling at a hungry lion not to nib at your torso while a rattle snake injects poison into your eyeballs.

Comment Posted By U.Lessou On 8.12.2009 @ 22:46

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