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Ru-an, let me ask a question.

"The first self-help book i ever read was Conversations With God," you say.

If it's a "self-help" book, why did you need someone else to write it?

Comment Posted By Wickedpinto On 2.12.2008 @ 23:48


That strip was on the same day that hillary came to an agreement with the chick who black-faced joe lieberman. He even mentioned jane hamsher.

Comment Posted By Wickedpinto On 27.04.2007 @ 15:50


The colts are pretty interesting. Peyton IS as good as he is billed, he just has to deserve it. I don't think this win over NE was enough, it was too weak a performance in general. Sure there were special teams considerations and field positioning, but still Peyton was able to butch up in the second half.

I still don't trust grossman, he's good, can be extremely good (if he doesn't get injured, and full of himself) but he didn't really prove anything. He had some very good drives, but he wouldn't have had so many drives if it wasn't for all of the 3 and outs, and the turnovers, that this time, he didn't participate in.

Grossman has moments of being a real QB, but too often he bets on himself, when the best bet is sometimes just against the house.

As for manning, one of the things that I don't like about manning, his fake audibles, and, I never played football but I was a member of some very physical and painful entertainments as a kid and younger man. I see peyton putting his offensive yard grabbers into VERY punishing positions during the game, and with his fickle delivery, I would be kinda pissed if it wasn't for the fact that my stats rocked because my QB really is that good, and can buy me a spot in the HoF. Other than that, I think this would be an interesting SB.

Bears ground and pound, with a random pass cover defense.

And the colts, who use the air. Big points I bet.

Comment Posted By Wickedpinto On 23.01.2007 @ 00:11


Chucky was being whiny, basicaly demanding that allen should concede when there was still a possibility that the votes could mean he might win.

Which is it chuck? make all votes count? or stop counting as soon as you get a lead?

Comment Posted By Wickedpinto On 9.11.2006 @ 21:52


It won’t deter others and it will only send the press into paroxysms of hysterics. Are you saying that the Press would become "martyrs?"

Well, we've seen the ineffectual nature of those who predict martyrs. (see Davidians)

And If we don't want the law to become meaningless, we must PROSECUTE it, that is why I support a prosecution, even a failed one.

For, if there is no EFFORT on the part of the nation to execute the Law, as it has been authored by the congress, then that law, by judicial stress, might become invalid, for those times when it might SUDDENLY become valid to the people.

Comment Posted By Wickedpinto On 25.06.2006 @ 00:08

From a purely practical point of view, making Keller and the Times reporters do the perp walk would cause a constitutional crisis no matter how “legal” the prosecutions would be or how justifiable they would be under the present circumstances

The Constitutional Crisis, that you site, is actlually a crisis that predates these releases, and is only now being addressed. A Crisis is only a crisis as long as it is still in affect. Go to the Courts, force the judicial branch and the people to take a stand in this argument. The rights of the press only exist as long as they don't come in conflict with any of the previously defined rights of others.

The abuses of the NYT and other media outlets can fall under ammendment VII, Amendment IX and Amendment X. The Judicial has yet to actively participate in the definition of executive powers Vs. Press powers in cases like this(which I think is a no brainer, a branch of government wins, since the congress is too cowardly) Even the Pentagon Papers Case only applies to "publishing" not punishment for wrongful acts within the publication of governmental documents.

Take it to a court, about time, take it to a court, let a jury (the people) decide just how out of line these pompous jerkies are when it comes to assaulting the entire nation, in the hopes of scoring points against a particular party or person.

Comment Posted By Wickedpinto On 24.06.2006 @ 17:29


Including history, and education. Every male on my fathers side of the family has served, including myself and my brother. My brother and I both knew more about recent military history than most everyone in our environment, not cuz we were smart, or cuz our schools taught us, but more along the lines of "Just what did dad, and grandad do?" Thats important, because in the first year of US history at my highschool (only 1 year required) the curriculuum (spelling?) cuts off just prior to WWII. We didn't even touch on WWII, or Vietnam, but we got a full 3 weeks of pre-colonial history covering the olmecs,aztecs and inca's.

My families legacy of service convinced my brother and I to read a bit about it and realize "Man! I got it cushy, I should do something!" so we enlisted. We CHOSE to participate in the discussion, and in the result, for the very reason that we were compelled to learn about the history of our family, and a portion of neglected history that isn't covered in basic public education. Too many ignore the legacy, the heritage, the discussion, the sollution and the history, and instead seek out an ineffectual argument of selfish political interest.

Comment Posted By Wickedpinto On 19.06.2006 @ 16:32

Your most significant point about the American public not being full partners isn't the fault of this administration. It's the fault of the American people who revolted against the government to remove the draft. A large enough portion of the public seperated themselves from the participation of these situations.

People with military legacy's (even if they themselves don't or didn't serve) are fully attentive. People closely associated with foreign oppression are fully attentive. It is those who feel safe, and safe no matter what who overlook the facts of the matter and live in their deliberate ignorance due to their own disassociation from the rest of their nation and world, who can't articulate their point.

Comment Posted By Wickedpinto On 19.06.2006 @ 13:36


I have no passion for soccer, however I do appreciate the athletic skill, and the tactical forms of play. I just can't watch the game, it has nothing for me to enjoy.

This is more about the nature of soccer in the international arena. What would happen to the appreciation of Soccer on a global scale if the US becomes the best team in global soccer? Would the non US West get bored with the game, and create a new form of competition that they are supreme in?

Comment Posted By Wickedpinto On 31.05.2006 @ 16:30


I would watch the show, but not much, it was your reviews, and clear adoration for the show that made me think I should actually pay a little more attention to the show, and I did, and I realized I really liked it. 24 has one more viewer in me, thanks to you.

Comment Posted By Wickedpinto On 25.05.2006 @ 15:59

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