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"Don’t waste your time, Chip. If they want to believe that a professional pollster would act so unprofessionally, let them stay with their little fantasy.

I wonder if Luntz is a Bilderberg?"

Here is your professional pollster at work. He's what you call a bs artist.

Comment Posted By Will Masur On 1.11.2007 @ 12:44

Here is the link to Luntz recruiting on Free republic.

I find it funny how you protect those who are for war and torture and insult those who would protect the constitution. This talk about his supporters is old. He is getting all these supporters because they are tired of big government. Plus Americans are realizing that the economy is heading for a recession or is in one and Ron Paul is the only candidate who talks about and understands our economic problems. All these other idiots stand up there and say everything is fine, that the economy is great with no explanation of why dollar is at all time lows.

Comment Posted By Will Masur On 1.11.2007 @ 12:39

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