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What I find interesting about the liberals who post here is that they are so totally ignorant. For example number 91 above is out of touch and just plain wrong. That individual has not researched the facts and has no basis for his wild accusations and conclusions. The ten creepiest things about Obama is well thought out and based in fact. There is a certain irony in the blog that strikes home with many of us. Most liberals resort to ridiculous accusations, conclusions and name calling simply because their arguments completely dissolve in a puff of inanities at the first challenge with facts.

Comment Posted By Woebegonslug On 29.07.2008 @ 06:22

This is the best written piece on Obamessiah I've ever read. No one in the main stream of America can see him for who he really is? This man is truly creepy, and Michelle is even creepier. Why is it that his motives are so transparent, yet no one can see in except for a few? Is it more creepy that so many in America want to be socialist? I used to split my vote and actually vote for the right person. This is no longer the case. The Democratic Party in our country has swerved totally Socialist. They call themselves "progressives", or even "liberals". The truth is, the Nancy Pelosi, Obama crowd are solidly socialist. The references to Hitler above are not far off. Obama is ariculate and poised, but he IS an inveterate liar and his truths are even more revealing. The massive redistribution of assets under Obama is frightening. The thought of chugging Red Bull and working two days just to give my hard earned money away is very creepy, but true. Thank you so much for a blog that tells it like it is.

Comment Posted By Woebegonslug On 28.07.2008 @ 07:09

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