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Who said I was being silent? Just because I don't post a comment on this forum doesn't mean I am being silent, does it? That's quite a big generalization there (and judgement), equating me with the perpetrators, and it is a false one, especially without facts. My point was merely that so many people (like that nutjob Sen. Robert Byrd) will make big speeches about something like this and never lift a finger to save unborn children.

Comment Posted By Wonder95 On 30.08.2007 @ 23:09

The day that those of you who rail on about this case rail just as hard against abortion and the millions of children slaughtered by barbaric procedures such as partial birth abortion, I'll listen. Until then, it's nothing but blatant hypocrisy.

Comment Posted By Wonder95 On 29.08.2007 @ 13:21


thePeopleSiad (#57),

No blog spam, here. I just didn't feel like writing everything all over again (if you notice, I haven't had time to post there in a while).
As for your comments, you are incorrect. They are not interested in destroying families; they care only for what they want and are unwilling to take into consideration the detrimental effects that what they want has on our society, in particular on the children. And, besides, they don't just want the same thing; they want special rights, and laws to state that nobody can even question them on it. Free speech only counts when you don't speak against homosexuality. It's okay to speak out against Christianity, or anything else, but it should be illegal to say anything against homosexuality according to them.

Comment Posted By Wonder95 On 31.08.2007 @ 14:37

Wow, this post really shows how much you really don't understand about the impact of gay marriage on the structure of the family and how that affects the stability of the culture as a whole, especially the horrible impacts on children. I wrote a post about this on my blog ( There are some links in there to some good articles, especially the ones on the detrimental effects gay marriage has had in Scandinavia.

Comment Posted By Wonder95 On 29.08.2007 @ 13:16

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