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Now, don't go bugshit, really, this...ahh hell if I even say the ititials, it's going to cause apoplexy.
There's this completely screwed up international group that has a medical department that's also screwed up, but they are responsible for keeping the asian bird flu in the publid eye and under check so far. They have convinced poor-assed Thailand and Cambodia to eradicate 10s of millions of poultry, due to exposures. They have feet on the ground in Asia that are monitoring human cases, and they are the source of 99% of the information that the CDC and the WaPo have on Asian Bird Flu.

The last good thing they did was about 40 years ago. They led the fight to wipe out smallpox, and get the credit for doing so.

This is a good news - bad news deal. The good news is that we have plenty of warning, and the vaccines are under production, due to their vigilance. The bad news is I've been talking about the WHO. *buys two boxes of canned beans and another x-large tuna can of 7.62 x 39*

Comment Posted By Yeti On 8.08.2005 @ 13:46

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