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This is happening because of weekness perceived by Iran, from the political infighting that is being played up by the MSM. The liberals , in their attempt to gain power, so highly questioned our military and its will to execute it's missions, that it both demoralized our own troops and multiplied the danger by emboldening the enemies of the U.S.

great Blog, keep it up.

Comment Posted By Zaphriel On 4.05.2005 @ 16:01


This case, in my opinion, is completely different from Terri Schiavo, this lady's living will was being ignored. While I consider myself conservative, I also supported Teri's husband, because he was the legal guardian and she did not have a living will, therefore we should assume that he knew her wishes. This case however, the womans wishes are known, and were being ignored, THAT IS DEPLORABLE. People should be able to decide their own fate, when they do it should be heeded, when they don't we must follow the wishes of their legal guardian. Interfering in that threatens to dismantle our judicial process.

I am glad that you were able to fairly show both sides of this issue. There needs to be more blogs like this one that encourage the open and reasonable trade of ideas in an intelligent, non-ranting, manner.

Thanks for your time.

Comment Posted By Zaphriel On 15.04.2005 @ 15:57

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