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Can't adopt children in Florida - don't know about other states.

Gays routinely have trouble with police, though not as official policy anymore.

There are several hundred advantages to marriage, most around taxes, inheritance, survivor benefits, etc. And while gay people can create things like contracts, power of attorney documents, etc. they have been turned over by the courts in favor of parents (the "real family") on any number of occasions.

Gays can be fired - in some states - just because they are gay.

Can't serve in the military and have a relationship at the same time.

It used to be the case that gays were routinely denied secret clearances or better even if they weren't in the closet. Have no idea if this has changed.... doubt that it has changed.

Comment Posted By Zendo Deb On 28.08.2007 @ 14:12

When you have the Republicans handing out pork faster than Tip O'Neil would have in his dreams, the party isn't going anywhere.

When you have the Republicans passing THE LARGEST public hand-out (excuse me, entitlement program) of all time, the part doesn't hold with fiscal conservatives.

You had an attorney general putting clothes on naked statues to protect his modesty, you look worse than the Victorians, you look more like Jihadists.

Add to that the fury over things that don't impact you. "Live and Let Live" is not something that the current crop of Republicans can deal with. It used to be the Democrats who wanted to control every aspect of life. Now it is both parties.

There are thousands of gay couples married in Canada, the UK, various European countries, Israel, etc. How exactly do they impact you? How do they touch on the sanctity of straight marriage?

You talk about the "religious justification" for opposing abortion. Do whay your religion tells you to do. Don't tell me I live by the dictates of YOUR religion or you start to sound Bin Laden.

Comment Posted By Zendo Deb On 28.08.2007 @ 14:04


You need the traffic that much?

It is fun to rattle the chains on the left - they are so easy to send into fits and screaming. But it isn't very challenging. I mean all you have to do is disagree with something they hold as a sacred cow....

Comment Posted By Zendo Deb On 25.04.2005 @ 21:51

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