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Oops. That should be 'Sims' the game, not 'Simms' the memory chip...

Cursed spell-check!

Comment Posted By a4g On 3.06.2005 @ 21:34

While it is never a good idea to underestimate the humiliating power of hubris, I wonder if a scenario like 1918 is likely to occur in the US. Not all of medicine is concentrated in the curing of diseases. The field of epidemiology has been revolutionized just as completely in the last 90 years. Advanced computer simulations are using 'Simms'-type technology to model methodologies to combat the spread of epidemic.

It could be that even though we cannot save those that catch the next deadly flavor, we can prevent its spread.

Comment Posted By a4g On 3.06.2005 @ 21:31

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