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The Beckian Wing of Conservatism

I notice you don't say I'm Wrong in my analysis. Your only complaint is that you think I'm "smug."bit hysterical and emotional of you but I understand from watching glen beck's show that weeping and ranting are the new official GOP emotional styles. Just like divorce, pedophilia, bathroom stall hookups and ocxycontin addiction are the new family values. You know, I'll take smug winning leftist over weepy, hysterical loser anyday. Watch out! The gay islamicascstmedia acorn based immigrant socialist threat is in the building! Gay abortions will be mandatory!

Comment Posted By Aimai On 13.04.2009 @ 16:44

Well, #34 with a bullet kind of proves Rick's point--the new Republican party simply doesn't want to win elections. If *their own standard bearer* John McCain wasn't really enough of a conservative republican for them there is nothing left by to run shrieking for the farthest right corner of the electoral map. And a cursory look at the electoral map shows that in the long run this is not going to be a winning strategy. They can conceive of it as "not following the rino herd further into the savannas" or they can conceive of it as self immolation on the altar of ideological purity but the one thing it isn't is a winning electoral strategy. Let me say it very slooooooowly. The country was divided between republicans, independents, and democrats. When the independents became disgusted with the republican party and its solutions they swung democratic. And they aren't going to swing back to the Republican side unless the republicans strongly repudiate all the moronic things that Bush and the party championed for eight long years, or unless they create an entirely new party out of whole cloth and call it "the new democratic party." Yeah, that might work. Right now Republican party identification is at its lowest level ever. That is, people are simply ashamed to say they are republican. But that isn't because there has been a massive shift towards a more ideologically pure party. ITs that people have simply fled to the center/left.

So keep on watching Beck sob his turtle tears and pour watery gasoline on his shills. Its all good for the Democratic party and, to my mind, great for the country as a whole. The sooner you guys stampede yourselves into irrelevance the better.


Comment Posted By aimai On 13.04.2009 @ 15:07

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