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Come on over and listen to this. It's what we played on the 4th of July, and I find it very stirring.

Comment Posted By amba On 7.07.2009 @ 01:11


Chuck Tucson:

I'm curious what you meant about the real distinction between these points of view being genetic. I'm curious because I just wrote something (along the lines of irresponsible speculation) that might or might not be related, towards the end of this post.

Comment Posted By amba On 26.02.2009 @ 19:55

Michael wrote:

The core dichotomy is Individualist vs. Communitarian.

Conservatives believe in the individual and individual responsibility. They believe that if a million people pursue their own interests the whole will prosper as well. For this reason they believe that government is a tool that should only be taken out and used when there is no alternative—defense, for example.

Liberals believe that the community or group is the essential unit and that the individual must as times compromise with the community for the good of all. They see government as a useful tool that expresses the will of the community.

That doesn't ring true to me.

Yes, some conservatives toward the libertarian end of the spectrum believe in rugged individualism, the myth of the lone hero who depends only on himself. But social conservatives are far more communitarian than liberals are. They portray liberals as narcissists who care only about their own gratification, and conservatives as people who submit to God, marry for life, and conform to traditional community morals.

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Stray cats wander around Rome -- hundreds live in the Forum -- are fed by everyone, and are considered part of the place's charm. I don't know for sure but I bet they have an enlightened trap-neuter-release program by now.

It's appalling that Beijing ever GOT the Olympics. The athletes are all going to get sick from the air pollution. I am speechless and ill over this story. I almost wish I hadn't read it. What can we do but traduce this evil system in every possible way. You did that, if I can use the word, beautifully.

Comment Posted By amba On 9.03.2008 @ 19:44

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