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Rynlds - I appreciate your points but I don't think much of "change". That's just sloganeering. Regression is more like it - back to Cater-era, pie in the sky, spend money on alternative energy (a few ok but most just whacky schemes), more welfare, less armed forces, less NASA. Instead of drilling for the great amount of oil we have. Instead of building more nuclear power plants. Instead of more coal plants, Hopey McChange wants to build windmills. Can anyone say Don Quixote (spelling)?

So our enemies and adversaries around the world will advance as they conclude that the Americans are turning inwards to "build roads and bridges" and "weatherize" public schools(too funny!). More Islam, more Chinese mercantilism, more Russian corruptocracy/Russian mafia.

Foreign powers realize that we have a wimp in the White House. Period.

Comment Posted By BeT On 14.02.2009 @ 15:54

Elections have consequences....what else can you say?

The public elected a very liberal man with a slight resume, questionable allegiance to our country, who is a smooth speaker, quick on his feet, rhetorically.

Chances are this spending spree won't help the economy much at all and the public will tire of our "Halfrican Prince"'s face and voice dominating everything, media-wise, 24-7. He has a HUGE ego and with a willing, fawning press/media, he is already over-exposed, with much more to come.

What was it the Gov. of South Carolina said the other day, we have a "savior based economy". How true.

And the media perpetuate the idea that B. Hussein is the Savior. How pathetic.

Comment Posted By BeT On 14.02.2009 @ 12:28


This chin-stroking is all fol-de-rol.

Mass immigration is killing the GOP. That's the main cause. Why?

Because most immigrants (legal & illegal) are poor and vote Democrat if and when they become citizens. They vote that way cuz the Dems offer them more 'goodies'.

If November's results were transposed on the electorate as it existed in 1988, McPain would have won. What has changed?

It's the immigration, stupid.

Comment Posted By bet On 23.01.2009 @ 15:22


Chuck Tucson - I mean literally dooomed, as some deep thinkers like Lawrence Auster, John Derbyshire, Peter Brimelow and the late Professor (forget his name "Clash of Civilizations" and "Who Are We?", Samuel Hunnington?) have all said.

Why? Because race and culture matter. Latinos, Asians, Arabs, Blacks, etc. do not have any history of "diversity" or tolerance or openness or pluralism - those are white, European-based, English speaking people's customs and values.

But there is a point, when the numbers rise to a level where the non-white outnumber the white. We are not there yet, there are still some 200 million caucasians in this country but alas, many are guilt-ridden, limp-wristed liberals (on the left and right).

The reason why the USA is (was) the greatest nation in history is BECAUSE of Judeo-Christian, English language, Caucasian based (often Protestant values) society. Free market economics, freedom of the individual, freedom of speech and religion and to assembly. Those are "foreign" values to most around the world, who are and have been very much "group oriented".

These are not always pleasant things to discuss or even think about but reality demands it. And our country demands it. If we were founded by Muslims or Latinos or Mongolians, would we be as we are? Of course not.

Comment Posted By bet On 21.01.2009 @ 17:23

Geek, Esq. poor baby, can't refute what I said, huh?

Duh, I feel so bad over what my ancestor's did 300 years ago, that I will worship a lawyer, with no military experience, no private sector work experience, who allows himself to be promoted first as JFK, then FDR and now Lincoln. But the media tell me that he's our Savior. The Messiah wants to grow government and shuns business, so he can redistribute money to his constituents, i.e., the "inner city". Hmm, let's see. Chicago run by Dems. Detroit (worst city in the country) run by Dems. Michigan (worst state economically in the country) run by Dems. Wash DC run by Dems. LA run by Dems. New Orleans run by Dems. Do I detect a pattern?

Why? Because Barry-boy is most definitely on a self-actualization journey, just as Palin said of him months ago. Barry-boy is in search of his sperm donor, African daddy, who abandoned he and his whacked-out leftist mommy. Talk about a racial/cultural cliche.... sperm donating then abandoning. Whew. Wanna take on that one, Geek, Esq.?

Only solution for the United States is to greatly reduce immigration, institute English and the official language and gently but firmly enforce American history and culture in schools and public square. Want to "celebrate" other cultures? Please exit at the border. We'll both be happy then.

Without a reduction in non-English speaking, non-Caucasian immigration, the USA is doomed. Hard for libs on the left and libs on the right to accept that but reality is something adults need to deal with and not avoid.


Comment Posted By bet On 21.01.2009 @ 15:46

1/20/13.... when we can dismiss this media-made political Messiah and return him to what he really is - a left-wing, Black activist/race hustler (albeit with a smoother voice and style).

Are we mere rubes in flyover country allowed to wonder why Jesus Obama has not released his medical and scholastic records and of course, his birth certificate? Oh we must be crazy. No same "conservative" would wonder those things, true, all you right-liberals?

Comment Posted By bet On 21.01.2009 @ 15:03


White only drinking fountains? In your life-time? Just how old are you?

Where did you live because where I live in Michigan, blacks were everywhere, worked in the auto factories, voted, etc.

The ascendency of an inexperienced liberal/leftist lawyer is only the begining of the end of the United States. We used to be a meritocracy but we have devolved into "equal outcomes" via the obsession with race/ethnicity and so called "white guilt". Politics, newsmedia and Hollywood have all merged into one. They are the same thing.

Hmmm, me thinks liberalism (of the left or the right) is a mental disorder.....

Comment Posted By bet On 20.01.2009 @ 14:13

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