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Motivate me; what an excellent read and comparison. I've been with Fred from the beginning and I'll go down with Fred if that becomes the case. I'll be voting with a clean conservative conscious in the South Carolina Primary come January 19, and I've donated $100.00 this morning - and I'll be giving more. What people must understand is that Principal is what sets Fred apart from all of the other Rep candidates. Do your homework, see where the front runners were so passionately in previous races. If we compromise Principal then even if we win next year we have lost our way and the gains generations before us have made. TRUE CONSERVATIVES have only one clear choice - FRED THOMPSON!!

Comment Posted By bgbest On 27.12.2007 @ 10:50


TRUE CONSERVATIVES will vote for Fred Thompson, there is no other candidate even close. Paul is totally misguided on the Islamic extremists and foreign policy in general, Giuliani is too liberal, McCain will shove amnesty down our throats once he says our borders are secure, Romney makes John Kerry look consistent, and Huckabee (“compassionate conservatism gone amuck”) is a Republican Jimmy Carter. I'll be voting for Thompson in the SC primary with a clean conscious and telling everyone who will listen to do the same. Go Fred!!

Comment Posted By bgbest On 26.12.2007 @ 21:57

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