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Torture is the shame of America. The one thing that has dragged us down into the Hellish Coach Class of the rest of the world, somewhat below Europe.

We have had out torture cherry popped and this act alone has destroyed whatever "moral" high ground we supposedly occupied.

Comment Posted By bibbleman On 7.12.2007 @ 15:01


What do you mean that's all he had?

Lying to the grand jury and/or to the FBI about the outing of a CIA agent is not a smal issue.

Fitz proved the guy lied.

And you other conclusions re: the implications- that Bush lied-that the admin lied to protect their own lies-all dead on.

But this implications of this are not small. They are huge; and Fitz delivered in an atmosphere where the defense tried to obfuscate the charges by floating a lot of he-said-she-said crap. It took 4 years to work through the most secretive lyingest corruptniks ever.

Comment Posted By Bibbleman On 6.03.2007 @ 14:34


we caused the war

we marched in and promised everyone we would stop a murderous tyrrant from murdering his own people and instead transformed the country into an endless, pointless bloodbath, a full scale civl war with neighborhood fighting positions dug in and shias and sunnis lobbing mortars at each other

78 percent of Iraqis living in al anbar province recently told pollsters that it was better under saddam

we caused it because we failed to secure he country because we fired the one general who thought we couldn't do it on the cheap

don't you see, we are not just guilty for killing innocent people, we are guilty for putting a mcth on gasoline, that everyone from arab neighbors to european allies said would cause a horrible sectarian civil war.

we caused it

we might not have killed each and every one of them. but we caused all their deaths with this completely botched "democracy" exercise

but for you to just poo poo our role in this is typically rightwingnuthouse material

no, like I said, I worked at the Pentagon. I know

and you don't

most of the high command in the US arm ed forces think this is over

we're not talking abou who the AEI can pay to sell a point of propaganda, we're taling about most of the military is against this

yes, I support our troops by telling the truth

how do you support our troops?
send them into a quagmire , a full scale civil war with little or no body armor?

the America is Always Right Crowd is always wrong

now go on and pontificate all day on the Wah On Terra

Comment Posted By bibbleman On 10.01.2007 @ 21:23


why do you have to attack 'alienhunters' for 'selling our species short?

can't wingnuts just discuss ANYTHING wthout finding someone to attack?

jesus Christ on a cracker

Comment Posted By bibbleman On 8.01.2007 @ 21:40


By the way Alex

The democrats took the Senate and House

15 Repugs took their seats by less than 1%.

ahte to say it but this election is a complete repudiation of W, repthuglicans and yes Alex

the war

Comment Posted By bibbleman On 8.01.2007 @ 17:17

Here is a plain and factual rebuttal to Paul's full of crap comment

There is no comparison between the invasion of Iraq and WWII.

Please Paul, read a book.

repeat: there is no comparison between WWII, ( which would have been finished by now) and this quagmire

One tyrrant had the most powerful army in the world ( that would be Hitler)

the other had no navy, no airforce, no satellites, 35 years old out of date equipment and no weapons of mass destruction and no real ability to hurt anyone beyond his borders ( that would be where we are now)

OK? I know you wingnuts who supported this illegal laughter and you all want to paint yourselves as Churchillian forethinkers.

I know you all want to paint the opposition as neville Chamberlain appeasers.

Unfortunately you wingnuts have done this for four years and the only people it impresses is other uneducated wingnuts. We are not appeasers. we are right about this war, and you know you have a knot in your stomach about backing it, and seeing how it turned out.

Iraq is nothing like WWII.


Talk about historical unawareness

My suggestion for Paul- have you served your country yet? Log onto and find a recruiter

there's plenty of need for more armchair generals

Comment Posted By bibbleman On 8.01.2007 @ 17:16

here 's aquestion for you Rick?

let's see, Iran is a sovereign nation

that have elections

they elected leaders

and their leaders have decided to build nukes

so what right do we have to dictate to another sovereign nation that they may not build nukes?

seeing as once there were only two nukes in the world and we dropped both of them

and we are still the only nation in the world who has ever nukes anyone

that said, on the 3000th death in this invasion and $400 billion later, why does every wingnut think we have the right to tell other nations what to do, and aren't we in enough shit already that we must go kick another hornets nest with Iran?

The american people spoke clearly at the last election. They don't want this war with iraq and I am just betting that they don't want a war with anyone else either

haven't we pissed the world of enough?

don't we have enough problems over here at home to take care of to be obsessing about every dictator that doesn't like us?

perhaps if we had a competetnt foreign policy in place we wouldn't have half the country willing to put tehir own intestines through the metal detector because some Republican operative at DHS pushed the Threat Level Orange button.

here's another question for you

is every single thing that Israel does the right thing?

Comment Posted By bibbleman On 7.01.2007 @ 14:54


well rick

are we violently agreeing?

Comment Posted By bibbleman On 7.01.2007 @ 14:45


I didn't say you said anything

What I mean to indicate is that you seem to be obsessing over the truth or falsity of a small story in a war that was born in a sea of falsehoods, hidden agendas and other assorted information atrocities.

Your thesis is right, yet still you are fighting for the window seat on the Hindenburg

didn't mean to make you mad brother

Comment Posted By bibbleman On 7.01.2007 @ 01:09

what difference will it make in the scheme of things whether the actually existing AP source is telling the truth? That's the question here.

My brother called me last night from Kuwait. He is finally coming home after his third rotation into theatre.

It's a bloody disaster there. There are more crimes and atrocities being committed in this Iraqi civil war than can even be reported because it is so hard to move through the city. The last place he was fighting was Ramadi and he said Sunni and Shia had dug in fixed positions and were lobbing mortars at each other and coalition forces

That said, who on this blog has been in Iraq? one, my guess is.

Who has kept telling this horrible story about the actual conditions on the ground in Iraq?

People like my brother who have actually been there. The facts of the case are that Iraq is lost.

Why are you arguing an argument you have essentially lost?

Look, AP was telling the truth and the rightwing blogoshere has been caught wrong about that.

The invasion was a bad idea and the rightwing blogs were basically wrong about all that as well.

I mean you talk about enemy propaganda. Who has been more wrong on reporting about Iraq than Fox News and Rush Limbaugh?

You see there's a saying that when you're up nto your ass in alligators it's hard to remember you're there to drain the swamp. That's where we are in Iraq.

We are we where are in Iraq not because the reportng was wrong. We are in Iraq to begin with because the reporting was wrong. But honestly, with hundreds dead per day in a wide open civil war, you are parsing words and missing the mess we made over there.

Comment Posted By bibbleman On 6.01.2007 @ 18:44

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