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I no longer have patience for this. The liberal(ism) and the conservative(ism) that can be talked about is not the real liberal and conservative. It's rather like a koan. Those are arbitrary and unfortunate designations that force fit our thinking into convenient categories for the purpose of making generalizations that no longer make sense no matter how brilliantly and touchingly they're communicated. They're too faulty to be useful. They set us against one another unnaturally. I do despise them, these designations. I look forward to the day both these miserable parties, and all the designations assigned to them, are consigned to the dustbins of history. I'm certain though, I won't live that long, given everybody's affection for them.

Thank you. You've reaffirmed my decision to drop my subscription to Time, a magazine that actually used to be useful to me.

Yes, yes, let's all hold hands and stop alll this squabbling. Why can't everyone just agree with YOU and drop any arguments that run contrary to your received wisdom? Let's just drop all this liberal/conservative baloney and accept the fact that you have all the answers and anyone who disagrees with you should be consigned to the "dustbin of history."

Democracy is about disagreement. It is about rhetoric, and word combat, and fighting for your ideals. It is messy, not very efficient, maddening, and full of dishonorable, disreputable people.

And I'd give my life to keep it from falling into the hands of people like you.


Comment Posted By bour3 On 29.06.2008 @ 19:38


What? No Roosevelts? How soon they forget. Theodore 1901-1909 Franklin 1933-1945, *subtracts*, *adds* Wow! That's 20 years of Roosevelts! I'm profoundly, absolutely against American political dynasties. They're a bane upon the body politic, which already has enough banes. But I swear, if they're grooming Chelsea, and it seems they are, then the Republicans should hold open at least the threat of another Bush. After all, what's good for the goose is good for the, um, other goose. Have you seen her in imitative "Evita" mode? Have you seen they way they fall all over her? It's obnoxious.

Comment Posted By bour3 On 18.06.2008 @ 23:17


Why don't you tell us all again Scotty? Lord knows we can never get enough and twice is never really sufficient. We all recognize by now that every single political post is exactly one degree separation from your straight-up hatred of Bush and no post would be complete without our being reminded of that. Thank you, I'm duly envenomated now. I can rest knowing I have my daily required dosage.

Comment Posted By bour3 On 2.06.2008 @ 03:23


Excellent article. Thank you. Brillo pad as always. I meant, brilliant.

Did you intended credit where it's due? It's a problem when sounding it in your head.

Comment Posted By bour3 On 26.05.2008 @ 02:45

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