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Rick, you're generally a solid guy but proposing to sack Rumsfeld is literally insane. And the logic you use to arrive at that proposition makes no sense. In Lincoln's case, he went after his most vocal critics and silenced them--you're proposing Bush take out one of his staunchest supporters. That will silence critics how, exactly?

It won't. They'll just smell blood in the water and go on an atavistic feeding frenzy. Like they always do when they sense any weakness in the administration.

Write the left off in this war, Rick. They have had their chances to help out and they have consistently taken leave of their senses. There is no way to bring them back to reason. It's best to confront them, defeat them and win the war.

Comment Posted By bp On 16.08.2005 @ 09:57


Great post, Rick, but you've fallen for the same anti-Dobson lie that so many other good bloggers fell for. Dobson doesn't think Sponge Bob is gay. He decried the production of a video that used Sponge Bob and other cartoon characters that amounted to promoting "tolerance"--modern code-speak for uncritical acceptance of all things the left wants. That this video was plugged into schools, taking time away from the things schools are supposed to do such as teaching reading and so forth, made it all the worse.

That's what Dobson was criticizing. So please stop spreading that lie.

But like I said, otherwise you've written a great post about the GOP's idiotic and pointless surrender.

Comment Posted By bp On 24.05.2005 @ 21:51

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