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mannning Said:
Note the use of “anti” in virtually every issue. Where are our “pro” ideas and directions?

I got one:

How about pro "tactical" nuclear warheads. The idea is to use smaller nuclear warheads as part of conventional warfare.

Could we base the GOP platform on pro nuclear warheads and integrating nuclear warfare into our democracy promotion around the globe?

We could get the ball rolling by being pro abolition of our Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty obligations. This will lead to the possibility of using nuclear tipped bunker busters.

It fits into our strategy of Democracy Promotion, Keeping America Safe, and getting them over there before they have a chance to get us hear.


Comment Posted By bsjones On 22.04.2009 @ 21:19

BD57 Said

So - unless your pursuit of the moderates at the expense of the social cons adds more votes than it loses, it’s not “smart politics.”

Political pundits consider the parties "brands". The conventional wisdom is that the Republican "brand" is damaged and the "brand" needs to be rehabilitated.

Some Republicans are looking at the medium and long term. They believe focusing on homosexual rights, abortion, prayer and creationism in school, and keeping Terry alive are appealing to a shrinking demographic.

They are in favor of taking a short term hit for a medium and long term gain.

Can this

Comment Posted By bsjones On 22.04.2009 @ 15:01

The GOP strategy for winning national elections has been to have a big tent. Inside that big tent there are dozens of little tents.

The GOP strategist must make sure that nobody in the little tents communicate with each other while at the same time making each of the little tents believe that the Party really cares and is genuinely working on each tent's particular signature issue.

It's a lot of work and seems to be less successful of late, especially when the GOP never seems to make any real progress on each little tent's signature issue. Plus, the increased transparency provided by the internet and a loyal leftist media make it harder to conceal each tent's goal from the public.

Is the solution more little tents? What extreme one issue voter blocks should we welcome into the fold? My vote goes to the secessionists.

Comment Posted By bsjones On 22.04.2009 @ 14:36


Travis Monitor,
My point is that Republicans are in on it. They want to bail out the banks. The reason only a few crossed the aisle in the Senate is they want to keep telling the narrative that Republicans are fiscally responsible and want small government. If All Republicans voted in favor of corporate Socialism the story does not ring true. If only a handful of renegade Republicans cross the line the story line remains largely intact.

If the Democrats did not have the votes to get the corporate Socialism passed in the House, the Republicans would have been "forced" to help get the bill passed there too.

Comment Posted By bsjones On 24.04.2009 @ 16:00

If we can get people asking the wrong questions, there is no need to waorry about the answers....

Comment Posted By bsjones On 20.04.2009 @ 23:47

Travis Monitor said: "Last I checked the Republicans have near zero power in DC right now, havent had the power to write budgets since 2006, and are outvoted by near filibuster-proof Senate, so are irrelevent in any case."

Funny how "just enough" Republicans always find a way to cross the aisle, thus ensuring the passage of the wildly unpopular bailouts, giveaways, and government secured loans to the titans of Wall Street. Still, what's a faithful Small Government Conservative Republican gonna do?

Comment Posted By bsjones On 20.04.2009 @ 22:26

Travis Monitor,
You are right. Now that I think about it clearly, I finally see it! Republicans are the party of smaller government and fiscal responsibility, while Democrats grow the size of government (to increase their power and enslave us) while ballooning the deficit.

Come to think of it, I should have known this all along. Morning Joe and Neal Cavuto have said this at least a thousand times each.

It's a truly easy to understand narrative. The stuff of children's books.

I just need to be re reminded every now and then.

Comment Posted By bsjones On 20.04.2009 @ 21:52

Politics as usual. This is the typical lip service provided by disingenuous politicians we hear every day. I have heard this silly talk from politicians my entire adult life and not just from Democrats.

On the other hand, maybe the TEA PARTIERS have made a difference. After all, the longest journey starts with a single step.

To put it into perspective (Thanks G. Mankiw), would anyone here be willing to accept 1oo MILLION dollars were it offered?

Comment Posted By bsjones On 20.04.2009 @ 21:44


The Banality of Obama

Comment Posted By bsjones On 22.04.2009 @ 16:42

Then again, on a negative note we will no longer be able to marshal the forces of the Texas Air National Guard.

It's all so confusing. If we only knew what both countries wanted to achieve in the region we might be able to broker a political settlement.

Now I remember!! America wants to promote democracy in Central America and Nicaragua wants Marxist Global Domination.

I guess political accommodation is not going to work after all. I wish Obama was not so smiley and hand shakey with all those thugs.

Comment Posted By bsjones On 21.04.2009 @ 19:44

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