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I too am most amazed at the left. I worked and survived 911 for 11 months. I have since developed cancer and beat it thus far. I manage to live on a reduced disability pention and social security, which I worked for and planed for all my life. I blame no one. The truth is after four surgeries, countless pain and all I suffered I would do it again. I could never turn my back on the people of nyc. I am qualified for many 911 handouts, I just refuse to avail on them. Call it personal pride, or call it not draining the tax payers of this country. I can't see me taking a hand up because of a crisis, but I am not a liberal looking to buy an election, or controling mases of people through poverty to support their agenda. Life is much harder now, but beat up, cut up, and tore up, I am still a fighter. I will never be a major player, working for the city again, but I am struggleing with the books and schools again striving to better myself. I think the big difference is attitude and pride. I could never see me begging bread or living on handouts, and I refuse to take money from my hard working neighbors to live "equally" without giving something in return. I only wish we had reduced property taxes for the elderly and disabled. Over 40% of my pention is wiped out just to pay my taxes. I will never subscribe to this hand up mentality. One either has a work ethic of being part of a community and working to better themselves, reguardless of odds, or one feels they are above the common citizen and entitled to handouts because our government owes them a paycheck for existing. It all comes down to personal choices, pride, and work ethics, or dependency, and a welfare mentality of being owed something because one is an america citizen.

Comment Posted By capt On 29.09.2005 @ 14:59

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