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How interesting to read your column, to you
the stopping of the war is hurting the Iraqi
people and they will be very hurt in every way possible.

The world will hurt as well, with Americans
because they grab at the cowardice of
the democrats and vote them in to give them
more power for their games. If you are having a war, make it successful and interesting or the Americans get bored and
turn away.

The Iraqi people have been shafted by the
Americans twice, TWICE.

Remember Bush one, and the amazing sentence
he gave them for trusting Americans and now
his son has gone one better and has let down
the world. They know they are the superpower
and so it will not hurt them, what about
the allies who are out there in Afghanistan?
The NATO troops who are being killed along
with the astoundingly small number of
Americans who at this point have lost only
3000 in many years.

How many of these allies will America ever
see again? How many times will the countries of the world join you knowing your
lack of decency, your starting a war and then running and millions die because you
simply cannot finish what you begin.

I read the complaining about the cost of war, it is always the American cost, not
their allies, America should be there alone
as they do no even have the class to see
how they are. If they did they would wrap it
up in "for the troops, for the children,
for the world, never saying the truth,
they don't care about the allies, they are
numbers to them and I would like to see
the numbers of the the dead they have had
to live with. Start with friendly fire where
Americans killed four Canadians.

The arrogance of the Americans never goes
away, even if you continue to show the world
what cowards you are, you will be despised
and have no respect from the world, you
do not have that anyway and as the war goes
on, and the dems call for cut and run, you
will no longer be a real superpower, you
will only be a bigger bully than usual.

After watching Vietnam, and the way the
Americans treated their troops, I lost
all respect then, I started to trust when
I saw the man President Bush is, and I still
know he will fight for the troops and the
Iraqi people. If only the republicans had
had courage or actual caring for their country, no spine, no courage, they simply
do nothing except critize, they were as
bad as the democrats in their passive

Tell me again about the wonderful country that goes in to help a country and does not run, he name of the country again? There has not ben one since the big war and they
came in when millions had already lost
their lives for their country and since
then all you hear is the usual American
bragging, according to them they won everything, the others were just there at
the time.

The American people have again whimped out,
they voted in dems and they knew full well
the dems are cut and run people. So now,
all the troops from your friends? will come
home too, so we have Iraq and Afghanistan
lost. The fact is, no-one will want to
help you with anything, so you will have
to bully us for what you want, and the
hate will grow deeper.

it is time for Americans to grow up, and
learn life can be tough, it is too bad the
dems encourage childish behavior and they
tell the people they are brave to stop the
war, sickening people, really disgusting as
they lie, spin, omit, and what ever to the
meidia who love to run down the conservatives.

You blew it, Once Again.
Please for the sake of the people of the
world, stay the course, finish Iraq and
continue to war on terrorism as they will
be a huge price to pay if you and the allies
you quit in the middle of the war.

Sleep well if you do run, think about the
miiions who will die because and only
because the American people who
vote gave the left more power.

Thanks, dems. I simply believe more that
half of them should be committed to a
mental hospital in order for them to
face the reality of the war. Then they
could see the need for the war. Am I not
a dreamer?

Comment Posted By cjg On 16.02.2007 @ 16:04


Mr. Moran, you always make me feel better after
reading your column.
I suppose I get too serious as the liberal inflame
every issue they can and I have come to expect
it, but not quite this crazy. I am feeling more positive after reading your last two enteries.

Comment Posted By cjg On 28.02.2006 @ 00:49


I imagine the writer of the post
not knowing America and it's allies are fighting a terrorist
organisation other than a country
thinks we should have a real
enemy with a real country.
Sorry, we only have terrorists from many countries to deal with.
Maybe we could have a summitt
of terrorists, and get them to
sign some sort of "plan" to bring
peace to the ME.
Sure, that would work, don't ya
think? It is too bad we can't find them to send an invitation
to the Peace Sumitt.
Well, maybe next year.

Comment Posted By cjg On 30.11.2005 @ 17:58


I would still vote for the presiden, but not, in any way, for
the republicans.
Whiney, immature screeching that
sounds as if the liberals were doing it, for heaven's sake.
If no-one can figure this man has
had to deal with one crisis after
another since 9/11 and has
always got what he wanted and
will continue to unless the
conservatives don't wake up and
smell the coffee.
They are not good for much in my
book if this is how they complain.

Comment Posted By cjg On 4.10.2005 @ 13:39

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