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I have read all the rants defending the same sex marriage issue. Lots of condemnation toward Conservatives, Republicans and Christians, but don't hear much about the moral aspect.

I don't have a problem with the homosexual individual in that sense, however, I have a big problem with the concept as it's beeing played out in our society today.

In the first place the homosexual act is amoral, it's indecent, repulsive, and a death-ridden society. That is proven medically. HIV, AIDS.

From a Christian point of view, you have to believe the Creator, and He has given us a very clear understanding of the subject. If you think He may somehow agree that it is okay as Gays claim, you just need to read His urban renewal plan for Sodom and Gomorrah. It's a zero tolerance plan. Why, you may ask. Well, for several reasons, but all for our own good just like all the other rules and commandments. Disease is a good one, procreation which worked pretty well, family structure and cohesion and much more.

Why do most conservatives take a strong stand against legalizing gay marriage? Mostly becase of the reasons stated above, also because those who chose to practice it seem to think that they for some reason need to force everybody to accept their view and share the sexual/social diseases and imoral culture with all of society and we have to accept it. Why can't they just kind of keep it as a subculture, and let others live the way they choose?

Comment Posted By Clyde On 20.04.2009 @ 23:25


thank you for this piece. i've been posting in detail on the war, and following it almost full-time. it is truly remarkable what some clowns write - and get paid for.

it would be depressing if i actually cared about idiots like greenwald.

you write - What “core ideology” is that Mr. Greenwald? i suggest that core ideology is Christianity. my support for Israel is grounded in my faith.

Comment Posted By clyde On 2.01.2009 @ 17:56


I've always wondered why the White Sox stopped wearing white socks and went to black socks. Are they "honoring" the 1919 team? The White Sox are the only major league team to wear socks of a different color than their name.

Comment Posted By clyde On 17.06.2006 @ 12:21

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