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Isreal will not stop until the buffer zone for the rockets they know Hizbollah has will not reach their teritory. I can't say that I blame them. The tragedy in this situation is the ineffective government of Lebanon. Had they begun to form effective infrastructure support agencies and co-oped Hizbollah support for civilian needs as well as having it form the backbone of the Lebanese Military, we wouldn't be here. If only there was more time.

It will be interesting to monitor the level of attacks on US troops in the Anbar province from now until Isreal reaches NE of Beruit, North of the river I can't remember the name of. I wager that we see a 50% drop. Now is the time to pressure terrorist fighters there, in Anbar. A coordinated effort between Isreal and US Special Forces, opeerating in Syria, could reduce the effectiveness of arms migrating in either direction. US forces could reduce their presence in Anbar and move to bolster Baghdad. This will act to put pressure on Iran and its attempts to move arms into both Iraq and Syria/Lebanon.

I am also willing to wager that US diplomacy is putting pressure on the Kurdish areas of Iraq to assist with clamping down, or allowing the confiscation of, ANY military hardware moving west across the Iraqi/Iranian border North of Baghdad. The issue there would be Turkey and their hatred of the Kurds. I believe a cheap oil deal is in the works between the Kurds and Turkey with the US as broker and guarentor of future peace efforts between Turkey and its indigenous Kurdish population. If that happened, I would HATE to be Syria. An easily riled neighbor, Turkey, with our air bases, a guarantee of peace with its' Kurdish population, and a secure Iraqi/Iranian border from Baghdad east to the northern border of Iran would spell hell, and therefor more security for Isreal.

Comment Posted By crater 06 On 5.08.2006 @ 17:53

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