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I'm sure the Heritage Foundation's study will come to mind (except to those minds that have skipped right past the logic of the original statement and gone directly to excited outrage). So here's what seems to me to be a reasonable analysis of the Heritage vs. NPP:

Yes, it's lame that Kerry invented the "joke" story -- I'm not sure how he got as far as he did in politics being so poor at this game -- but the remarks that caused so much election-season glee are defensible by a thoughtful person. See the link above (which requires you to assume that education and income level are linked).

Comment Posted By davis On 31.10.2006 @ 20:29

Someone who isn't a good student and doesn't go to college has a much greater chance of choosing military service over other options than a good student. Are you all denying that?

"When I finish reading a book, I put it on the shelf" does not tell you anything about what else is on my shelf.

Comment Posted By davis On 31.10.2006 @ 18:28

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