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How humorous that lower-case ed cracks-wise over my perceived youth, when this site is obviously monitored by a gang of retarded toddlers.

You republic operatives make me giggle.

Keep doing what you do so well.

Even someone who agrees with you thinks you're a juvenile. And the site may be "monitored" by a "gang of retarded toddlers" - you prove that point perfectly since you are one of the monitors - but I can tell you that I'm the only one who writes here.

Do you know what "monitor" means? Maybe you'll get to that word next year when you enter the 5th grade.


Comment Posted By eastriver On 12.03.2008 @ 23:06

You folks in the republic party are so dang clever. How will we on the left ever beat you cheetoh-stained Einsteins?


I'll tell you how.

With our right arm tied behind our backs.

What a bunch of chumps you all are.

Enjoy President Obama.


I am terribly sorry but this is an adult website. If you would like to visit again, please get written permission from your mother along with a copy of your birth certificate. Otherwise, go back to your sandbox and impress the living hell out your little 7 year old friends. You sure aren't doing much impressing here.


Comment Posted By eastriver On 12.03.2008 @ 16:30

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