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There's a difference between fighting terrorism and living in constant fear over it - that's the point you continue to not understand.

Comment Posted By elemental On 8.11.2006 @ 09:38

One of the reasons you lost is because most people are sick to death of pants pissing "Drewsmoms" and "CharlesJohnsons" who think they're 5 seconds from speaking Arabic and wearing Burkhas. Basically people are tired of living in fear of a few psycho pissants on the other side of the planet like you do.

Comment Posted By elemental On 8.11.2006 @ 09:10


Oh and in the Coulter post you link to above, you seem to spend more time disparaging liberals for calling her actions racist because you seem to be fixated on a literal interpretation of the word.

For your information, the word racist (or racism) applies to discrimination or hostility towards religion or ethnicity as well as just race (look it up).

You should probably try to understand that as you talk down to those on the left, you're using concepts that most of us put behind us in grade school. We've moved on to larger issues.

Comment Posted By elemental On 1.09.2006 @ 08:05

You're telling her to grow up?

This president has ruined the reputation of our country. Pull your head from your ass or remain in your haze of ignorance, I don't care, but at least have the decency to stop whining about how people hate Bush - he has made his own bed.

Comparing a single assasination to the holocaust or the widespread lynching of Blacks? So one idiots life is now equal to systematic genocide? Apparantly to you it is.

Comment Posted By elemental On 1.09.2006 @ 07:50

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