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"Guarantee the Legitimacy and the Sovereignty of Iran OR of the Iranian Regime"???
If Barry is saying that the COUNTRY, IRAN, is legitimate and sovereign what's he giving them?? We all know that!
And if Barry says that the REGIME OF THE MULLAHS is legitimate and sovereign, all he's doing is making sure that if there is an internal revolution the Mullahs can ask the US for help and that the Pahlavis can never come back to power!
It all looks so innocuous!1
And what will Barry do for his next Iranian trick? Well, if the Mullah's do get their bomb, he can do nothing; after all he cannot interfere in the affairs of a legitimate and sovereign Nation!
So it comes down to this: that, if Israel attacks the Mullah Regime after they get their bomb, Barry will have to choose between TWO legitimate and Sovereign Nations, and that means he will do nothing and feel himself justified in doing nothing.
This kind of recognition of the "legitimacy and sovereignty" of a REGIME rather than a COUNTRY is a stealth alliance with that regime, and delegitimises all opposition to that regime.
That's the danger of Barry's approach: it is utterly PACIFIST, and that suits him and his acolytes just fine!

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If Conservative Republicans refuse to face up to the 21st. Century; refuse to face up to reform of the platform; refuse to accept that Rush isn't always Right; refuse to vote because the Republican Candidate isn't Ronald Reagan Redux...then we are digging our own grave, and the Clintons will happily shovel in the dirt to bury us!

Let's stop mumbling "No, we won't...!" and start yelling "Yes, we will...!"

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I have shares in a company that is developing a drug that will eradicate leprosy. Do I wish that the company fail? After all, if it succeeds then in a short while my investment will be lost becauses there will be no more leprosy! And the profits I make in the meantime will not compensate me for the lifetime of profits I could make were leprosy not eradicated completely. Also, am I not hoping that the world sees a GIGANTIC growth in the instances of leprosy just as my drug hits the market? Better yet, would I not wish that all the world (except me) get leprosy, thereby maximising both my profits and my altruism (people will be happy to give me their money and will bless me when I cure them!)
Perhaps this little adventure into the heart of schadenfraude will convince you of the absolute EVIL of the argument that Conservatives desire an even more horrific disaster than 9/11 just in order to prove to Liberals that they (Liberals) are blind and i order to be able to say "I told you so!"
It's an EVIL argument; don't spread it about!

Comment Posted By eliXelx On 22.07.2007 @ 17:01


Ed 14
If, heaven forfend, you or a loved one were to fall desperately ill and require extensive and axpensive care, how much and for how long would be enough? Would you pull the plug after a month, three, six? What if you had an annoying insurance agent on your back, asking you to decide? Of course you may support abortion AND euthanasia, in which case all bets are off!
Yeah, I know; you don't love your country as much as you love yourself; all comparisons are odious; no analogy approaches truth etc.
Still, if you want to do this kind of gruesome and cruel math you have to have something to base it on. How much sacrifice is too much sacrifice?

Comment Posted By eliXelx On 20.03.2007 @ 11:23


We should not feel one jot or tittle (well OK, maybe a little tittle) of sympathy for a woman who made a living out of telling lies to help her country, and is now teling lies to hurt it!
Plame is a honey-trap; Wilson is pimp; and Richard Armitage, the self-defined "last honest man in Washington" (yes! he said that to the 9/11 Commission!) was the rejected guy who was never allowed to grab the gusto which sweet Val was dishing out, willy-nilly, to the rest of washington!

Comment Posted By eliXelx On 20.03.2007 @ 11:33


I don't want to seem cynical, but, if the Repubs can do it, THEY should introduce Murtha's suggestions as a Bill! Boy, would that put the cat among the Democrat Pigeons!
Make no mistake; if there had been a sweeping victory and a subsequent peace and democracy in Iraq, the Democrat Party would have been wondering if it could SURVIVE, let alone WIN, in 2008. So the Demos should actually be thanking GWB and those who voted for the war in 2002 as HELPING to ensure the survival of their party!
Now that's cynicism!

Comment Posted By eliXelx On 23.02.2007 @ 06:17

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