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A detail that is never mentioned in the debate over health care is this: Americans have the right to refuse medical treatment. If someone is going to refuse medical care for a religious or philosophical reason isn't it that much more draconian to force them to pay into a system they will never willingly use? Or are we also going to mandate that they use it? I can't see that one passing the constitutionality test.

"Apparently around 21% of people who don’t purchase health insurance are young, single, healthy workers who can afford individual premiums but refuse to cover themselves. This drives the price of health insurance up even more because it leaves older, less healthy people in the insurance pool who are more likely to need health care."

This is the free market at work.

"So the thinking is if we get everyone covered under an insurance program, premiums will come down and we will be able to get health care costs under control."

Or in other words, turn health care into another Ponzi scheme, like Social Security. Which, like Social Security, will only work as long as the pyramid stays right side up. Given the inevitability of change, to bet the billions of dollars universal health care would cost that we'll somehow beat the odds and the pyramid will never reverse is insanity.

Comment Posted By elisa72 On 12.02.2008 @ 11:24


I'm surprised that no one has mentioned how truly useless it is to regulate WHERE fat people can eat...while having no control whatsoever over what they eat at home. So what's next? Grocery stores are allowed to sell only vegetables to fat people? Cameras installed in their kitchens to see what snack they're eating? Or will they just make obesity a crime? Seems that's where they are headed.

"He hopes it will 'call attention to the serious problem of obesity'" I can't express how sick I am of the legislative process being misused to "send a message" or "call attention." Crafting laws - even ones that have no chance of actually becoming law - is NOT the proper way to call attention to any issue, and then when you consider that some of these wacky bills actually DO become law...

Comment Posted By elisa72 On 3.02.2008 @ 11:27

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