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what bibbleman said...

Comment Posted By epicenter On 10.01.2007 @ 21:26

That it!

W din't lose the war.

The Democrats out there and the media lost it.

It wasn't W's decisions, it was we all didn't clap loud enough


Comment Posted By epicenter On 10.01.2007 @ 20:18

yes, we did kill hundreds of thousand sof innocent iraqis

I know the right wing can't accept it or face it

I gues syou feel if we skirt around the facts of the cae, then that will somehow be 'respectin the military'

if you respected the military you would ask to bring the troops home

as Americans , we all have blood on our hands

as rigthwing war cheerleaders, you have even more blood on your hands

keep in mind: the military thinks this war is lost already, how many on this blog give a damn about what actual military experts say?

I mean, bubbaj, I understand that no actual veteran knowsn more about foreign policy than you do

go play RISK with someone else's lives

Comment Posted By epicenter On 10.01.2007 @ 19:39

One mor ething

They won’t do it, of course, It might lose them a few votes. So despite the fact that they believe the war a failure, that Bush an incompetent fool, that our men are dying needlessly in Iraq, that civilians are being butchered in a lost cause, that there is nothing we can do to stem the tide of victory by al-Qaeda and the jihadis, they will sit back on their over fed, overly ample haunches and kibitz like a bunch of old maids at a bridge game, maintaining a high moral tone while abjectly failing to act in a moral fashion.

Go ahead. Pat yourself on the back for this MORAL war. I mean come on.

again, we killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people, brought our own troops into harm, and yet, you're calling this a MORAL action.

jesus h christ on a cracker

good thing we didn't try an IMMORAL invasion

Comment Posted By epicenter On 10.01.2007 @ 19:12

Weasel words?

You know who used Weasel words?

John Murtha, decorated Marine combat veteran.

Once again, a war cheerleader attacking a veteran.







If you want everyone to have a stake in this democracy, maybe we should pass laws that levels the playing in election costs. Every last Representative and Senator is a millionaire.
How about bring back the draft and don't allow people like Dick Cheney to get out of serving his country five times. Or perhaps each of us should own the same stock equities that the war profiteers own. If they get rich by invading, why shouldn't the rets of us? It's being paid out of our taxes.

But the thing that really kills me Rick, is how disrespectful you are to Democrats.

After all, the Democrats were right about Iraq.

And those on your political end of the spectrum have been utterly, woefully wrong

I mean that's what it boils down to. People like me were completely utterly right, and people like you.....well I think all war supporters must feel some of the pauil out of the same wounds.

Comment Posted By epicenter On 10.01.2007 @ 19:08


At least in Israel, they are not under the throes of a dictator who defies lawful judgements with "signing statements".

Also, Israeli law allows the Parliament to remove the Prime Minister or President for what they deem "circumstances that prevent governing"... in this case, sickness, insanity, etc.

Comment Posted By epicenter On 9.01.2007 @ 18:05


Well Right Truth.

We're not winning the war in Iraq.

we're not winning the the war in Afhganistan

So yeah, let's start shooting in another country. Let's forget that like Iraqis. Somalis don't want invaders in their country either. Then, when Somali nationals they start shooting back, we can just call them "terrorists".

By the way, there is nothing stopping them from coming over here. not even us being "over there".

Comment Posted By epicenter On 9.01.2007 @ 17:14

You deleted my comment because you did not wnat to get sidetracked by someone questioning the logic of your very premise.

I can see not wanting to get sidetracked.

But it was on topic.

You guys sure do delete alot of comments

why is it that lefty blogs allow for dissent and you guys press for conformity?

I am a libertarian

but the left is more likely to actually debate

Comment Posted By epicenter On 9.01.2007 @ 15:05


Ricky, Ricky, Ricky,

You'll attract more bees with honey than vinegar. I mean, you can't really start a discussion with "'re a nincompoop."

That said, here is the discussion I would like to have. You go from 'we are a clever species' to 'alien hunters are dumb'.

I am asking you why do you attack people who disagree with you? Why not just judge the evidence based on its merits? there is no need to attack anyone. Why make this an excus eto attack anyone?


Now take a deep breath.

Answer the question.

Comment Posted By epicenter On 9.01.2007 @ 18:56

There is a ton of evidence that high technology existed in the past. Tons of it.

I noticed that you gave notice not to cuss.

why do you feel you need to insult me personally because I disagree with your hardening of the orthodoxies?

I mean, will calling me an idiot prove your point?

gosh I thought this would be a discussion

Comment Posted By epicenter On 9.01.2007 @ 15:21

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