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Sound familiar?


Now that you mention it...

Comment Posted By fletch On 30.06.2007 @ 21:43



OH YEAH! I wrote the exact same thing (with the exception of no benefits to illegals) in the article.

But, you seem to think that 'scenario' actually has a chance of coming to fruition... (snicker!)

What we will get is:

1)vague promises (with no follow-thru),

2)empty gestures (6000 Guardsmen?),

3)stupid pandering ("Vincente-- this is Jorge... I know I'm the leader of the most powerful nation in this planet's entire history, but I'll kiss your ass and take the 1/2 million people a year who are so dumb they can't get a job in Mexico..."),

4) outrageously ignorant 'catch-phrases' ("Jobs Americans won't do"-- I've been a dishwasher, a landscaper, a framer, a roofer, a drywall guy, a painter... and a cook in a Mexican restaurant!),

5)...and 40 million more illegals in the next 20 years.

Comment Posted By fletch On 17.05.2006 @ 21:33


Missed the end of my line... persuade the rest to “go home”... the exact same way they got here. --(silently!- one or two at a time...)

Comment Posted By fletch On 17.05.2006 @ 21:04

The problem is that there seems to be a total lack of trust regarding the Bush Administration’s commitment to rectifying our border security problems.

Compare "employer enforcement actions" between Clinton and Bush... The figures I saw went from 1500+ to 3!

I think I'll wait until I actually see a 'commitment'!

I must re-iterate that rounding up illegals is not a viable option – politically or morally.

This is a truly ridiculous "straw man"... Nobody is calling for all 12 million to be deported in the next 3 days!

It's simple...

1)Stronger employer enforcement --and huge penalties on the CEO's and CFO's!-- if you are the "Chief" Executive or Financial Officer, you know!- (or should know...).

2)Close the border.

3)Absolutely no tax-supported benefits to illegals.

Bush himself said we have deported over 6 million illegals over the last 4+ years-- we only have to eliminate the continuing flow, and then enact some slightly harsher measures to persuade the rest to "go home"... the exact same way they got here.

The problem is solved in five years!

Comment Posted By fletch On 17.05.2006 @ 20:57

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