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Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Thank you for setting this forth so clearly! I completely agree on all counts! These nit-wits are disgusting to me. You know, at least in the Obama camp - they are loyal - to the bone, and they dang sure know how to keep incidentals to themselves and not for all the world to see.

Comment Posted By freetofly On 6.11.2008 @ 13:48


"Don’t you know there’s a war on?"

I agree with your I Believes. I get that you don't appreciate people's unthoughtful answers, or mean spiritedness. There is no need in that, it is not courteous or constructive. I DO think you wave the red flag a bit in your posts. Just anticipating the reponses. Maybe you like the fight more than you realize? Because you are inviting it, even if unwittingly.

I appreciate people like you. We need people like you. You are intellectual in your approach. Our pop driven culture is not. I want to urge you that though it is best to rule by our heads, we must not leave out the heart entirely. Meaning you have an opportunity to lead by example.

If you are going to write these inciteful posts, go the extra mile and do it expecting the best reactions from people. When you get the worst, deal with them on an individual basis. Let's not spread the table invite the guests, then throw water in their faces as they approach the table, in case they might critque your meal in a way which you don't prefer.

As a person who is very humble and needy in the smarts department, I appreciate and know that our culture in in need of intellectuals who are not snobs (sorry) and don't over think so much (I really think that was the case with the Palin Moral Cowardice post). But, that DO offer us good clear thinking.

All I am trying to say is, soemtimes I think intellectuals get a little full of themselves. Lots of times I think the rest of us take the easy way and get caught up in the catch phrases and sound bites, and that's a shame and dangerous. But, we all bring the best out in each other when we are courteous and thoughtful in our discourse.

Please don't give up on us. We need people like you.

Comment Posted By freetofly On 28.10.2008 @ 15:10


Lots I could say here. I get your point. I see Palin very differently in this regard. I have been paying VERY close attn to her conduct and answers. And 2 things - 1) I don't see other signs of "moral cowardice", rather I have seen evidence to the contrary. 2) I have also seen that she hasn't come so far by being slow on the uptake. She has learned to watch for the bear traps and not step into them. Williams was angling for a "sexy" soundbite - in the sense that they play it over and over, with all sorts of interesting voice overs...she shrewdly avoided the trap. IMHO she has shown herself to value justice AND life, and as part of that she DID recognize them as evil doers. WHO really CARES WHAT YOU CALL IT, AS LONG AS YOU CALL IT EVIL AND WRONG. When did we succomb (we of sound mind and independent thinking - thinking outside of MSM Nanny Sate propaganda)to PC talk? Say it ain't so?!

A 3rd thing is I believe (having done this myself as a person being interviewed for a very much desired promotion) that she had a bit of tunnel vision going on. In that she was so focused on Ayers issue - she was expecting to have to defend it, that her mind was really focused on that aspect. Keep in mind she is in the role of attasck dog on this campaign trail. She is having to go out and discuss this everyday on the trail in multiple sorts of venues. She has had the added task of not just bringing up the issue - but also to educate the people first THEN bring it up- BC the MSM has TRAINED everyone to think this is "negative campaigning" (more PC talk - from the Nanny State). I have heard her over and over preface her talks - with "It's not negative campainging to talk about real issues, real actions". I honestly think btwn that tunnel vision and wisely evading the "bear trap" of the highly coveted (by the MSM) sexy soundbite, she answered truthfully and with accuracy. There was no cowardice. She is not of that caliber, I can't believe that you really think this is true of her.

Comment Posted By freetofly On 25.10.2008 @ 18:21


I am here by way of Malkin's site. I saw your headline & I had to come. We can not win a blasted thing all fragmented into different goals. Please consider this. This is a bloody hard campaign. Yes. No doubt about it. BUT, we can't possibly win anything effective if we splinter up into some people who are giving up on the national and going only local with their efforts, and some who want to just concede presidential defeat and focus on Senate seats, and Congress.

We need to adjust to the gift of Joe the Plumber and get on message at ALL levels.

Joe The Plumber is a gift to the cause of conservatism. Joe the Plumber puts a warm middle class connect the dots face on the cause of conservatism versus socialism. It makes a dire subject more palatable to the public (who couldn't handle the Ayers stuff). I am being realistic. We ENJOY politics (bloggers, commentors, pundits), most people DO NOT. We NEED to connect with these people. Sarah Palin helped us connect with these people. Now John McCain has a way to connect with them. Thank God for the Gift of Joe the Plumber!

Our best chance is Joe the Plumber and Hockey Moms. It takes us right to the middle class. We freakin' ARE the party of Joe Six Pack. We need to quit kicking each other in the shins and ban TOGETHER. It is the ONLY way across the finsih line.

I mean this in a respectful way.

Comment Posted By freetofly On 16.10.2008 @ 10:23

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