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Geek Esq. said: "To put it another way: if force doesn’t need to be proportionate, would you consider Israel carpetbombing Gaza until everyone was dead legal?"Inter arma silent leges.What is the source of this "law" that would make carpet bombing Gaza "illegal"? Who or what is the sovereign from which this "law" issues? And what is the power which compels obedience to this "law"?

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I was a medical student in London in 1976. In March, my landlady came to me with a hard lump in her neck, almost certainly a cancer. She told me she had been given an appointment to see the consultant who ran my Department - for October! In October, she might well be dead. Certainly, any chance of cure would be long gone.

I thought to reassure her. "Come 'round with me tomorrow. I'll get you in to see him right away, and we'll do what we can".

She looked like I slapped her in the face. "OH, NO! That wouldn't be right!"

How many Americans react as she did will determine the success or failure of the socialist dream. My bet is, not too many will, and it won't ever work.

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>>For instance, saying that life begins at conception is a belief based on faith<<

Oh c'mon! Anybody who's ever bought a pack of rubbers knows when life begins. So does anyone whose girlfriend has ever been late.

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Tim: Obama went to HARVARD? OOOOOOH! Better change my mind, then!

Why do you think a mediocre HS student who was stoned half the time got into Columbia? ANd what did he accomplish there? How difficult was it for black applicants who could put two words together to get into Harvard Law School in 1989? For that matter, how difficult is it now? And has there EVER been another President of the Harvard Law Review who has failed to submit or to publish a single scholarly article on the law? EVER?

Imagine how thrilled the Harvard faculty was to find this charismatic somewhat-black kid who could speak so well! Conversations around the faculty lounge in 1990 must have sounded like Joe Biden: "He's so CLEAN!!!"

Well, if Brother Obama's fan club is going to use his towering intellect as a qualification for the Presidency (and I'm seeing this resume-based argument all over now), you are going to have to come up with some evidence of actual scholarly activity, which occurred either at Columbia or at Harvard. Unfortunately for you, there is no such evidence.

And among actually intelligent people who are not already in the tank for Obama, everybody knows why.

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I don't agree with the above comment about the homosexual "marriage" issue. Most normals feel that court-imposed "marriages" between two individuals of the same sex is an impingement on Liberty (of the People to order their own affairs) rather than an expansion of Liberty.

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I've begun using the term Liberty voter instead of Libertarian. The latter co-mingles LPers and loserdopians, both of whom have no political future of any kind, with the large fraction of those who want to be left alone and need the state to shrink to accomplish that goal.

I experienced 1994 as a very pro-Liberty event, fuelled by HillaryCare, Waco, Ruby Ridge, and growing regulation of all kinds. I've been shocked (genuinely) by the antipathy the loser social conservatives have shown to the Liberty voters after Tuesday.

Democrats being what they are, it's hard to see significant numbers of Liberty voters being content with what they are going to be dishing out.

Interesting times.

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New Hampshire is a special case, and has some lessons which may be of some use.

If you imagine the GOP majority as stretched between two poles - Liberty and "Family Values" - New Hampshire voters are heavily on the side of Liberty. (That's why the "Massachusetts North" notion is false - the voters in NH are no sheep).

NH may be the most Liberty-oriented state in the Republic. The collapse (and that's what it is) of the GOP here has come about because the Party leadership has aligned itself with the RNC and no longer warms the hearts of the Liberty voter. This year was foreshadowed in the 2002 Governor's primary, where the party faithful split 1/3, 1/3 and 1/3 among fiscal conservatives, values types, and technolibertarians.

The values folks MUST MUST MUST understand that they terrify 2/3 of the electorate. They can get much of what they need by signing on to a "shrink the state" agenda - they will then be left alone to raise their families as they see fit.

But if the Dobsonites like the hypertrophic state just the way it is - as long as they are in charge - then we will never be in the majority again.

Comment Posted By gokart-mozart On 10.11.2006 @ 09:08

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