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I'm a card carrying registered Democrat, liberal, although probably more moderate than most. Be that as it may, I also have a number of friends who are card carrying registered Republicans, some more conservative or less conservative than most as the case may be. I cherish my more right wing friends because these days in the US I hear a lot of folks who might look and act right wing talk about shooting liberals and what not--which I think flies in the face of our beloved consitution and what this country is all about.

While I don't necessarily agree with all your views, I totally applaud your ability as a thinking American to express yourself. Our constitution guarantees this, and hopefully that's a value that all Americans, repubs and dems alike would be willing to give their lives for. I especially admire your ability to say you don't agree with the use of torture, in spite of what right wing folks might think or say.

Thanks for being a patriot, Love, a Sister Dem Liberal *Patriot*

Comment Posted By happygardeningmama On 6.08.2005 @ 13:53

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