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GW and his PNAC conspirators planned executed and are reaping the rewards of their war monger efforts. Their supporters have made billions off of the war as planned, they used their long time Bush family friend Bin Laden as the scapegoat and executed their New Pearl Harbor just as described in their own documents published years before 911 happened. You are simply an ignorant leading the ignorant into believeing what you want, that the terrible truth is not the truth of the story. It is wishful thinking.

War pigs still have the power after all these years. Chickenhawk presidents and advisors with no war experience still plan and fail at making their wars for profit happen.

Innocent Americans and Middle East peoples pay the price in blood for their folly. The shame belongs to you as well as your furer.

Comment Posted By hatefulltonoone On 2.06.2006 @ 22:54

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