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The title of the post "BLOGS MISSING THE REAL STORY AS USUAL" strongly implies that this is not a real story. While the war itself is clearly a bigger story, the Beachamp story is a piece of how the story of the larger war is being written.

Killing a dog is not as awful as raping and killing civillians, BUT the public rightly recognizes those sick acts as the crimes of individual soldiers, and the Army is moving to punish the individuals in question.

Beauchamp's stories are important because, even though the crimes/misconduct therein described does not rise to the level of murder or rape, they speak of a military that has become accustomed to various despicable acts, where such acts are widespread and widely tolerated, bacically going back to the Vietnam narrative of John Kerry and Jen-Jis Kahn. If TNR wants to prove that they are certainly welcome to try, but they better have their story sewn up nice and tight.

Comment Posted By holdfast On 7.08.2007 @ 16:52

"But no. It appears that because I point out that all of this amounts to a hill of beans outside Blogdom by making the ridiculous claims that it won’t win the war or mitigate the effect of Abu Ghraib all of a sudden, people want links to bloggers who actually make those claims? What? Where do I say any bloggers say those things? I am deliberately blowing out of proportion the effect of claiming Beauchamp’s scalp to illustrate the futility of taking it too seriously when contemplating the larger picture of the war and even fixing the black eye given to the military by TNR’s lies"

Which just goes to show how pointless and link-whory the post really was. As the whole affair winds down, you are warning righty bloggers against doing things that no blogger has actually done. As a bonus, you get to position yourself as the "reasonable" or "mature" conservative. You go sage!

Comment Posted By holdfast On 7.08.2007 @ 16:43


Glasses? Hell, even with binoculars there is not real point to this post, beyond blatant link-whoring, capitalizing on you momentary quasi-fame from YKos and attempting to look like a "reasonable" conservative. Seriously, what is the message? Put the bong down? Don't be too happy that you stuffed TNR?

Maybe you are correct - this post may be less offensive than I first thought, but it is even more vacous.

Comment Posted By holdfast On 7.08.2007 @ 11:47

You are a clueless, dickless wonder. Of course putting TNR in its place will not win the actual battle in Iraq - but it is a part of the battle of ideas here at home. After two or more years of farting around in the dark, the Administration finally has a plan and a general with some real chance of success (defined as creating an Iraq that is generally hostile to Al Queada and will not degenerate into genocide the minute we leave), but the left and the MSM (but I repeat myself) have themselves started a "surge" to kill the current momentum here at home. Apparently you are on-board with that, since you also seem to buy the meme that Abu Ghraib was the most important event in the war? Yes, it was quite a scoop for the media to report leaks from the investigation which the Army had laready commenced. It got better when the media decided to embrace the incompetent and disgraced former general who was the flag officer most immediately responsible for the prison because she was willing to parrot the standard anti-Bush line - and you're cool with that too? Have you considered changing the name of this site?

Comment Posted By holdfast On 7.08.2007 @ 11:36

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