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Rick, I don't quite understand the need to preemptively disqualify Palin years ahead of a presidential run. Palin-bashing, I don't know. But if she plans on running, she will be more detailed with her policy positions and philosophical stances. Until then, what we have is your impression of her (based on what, I'm not sure) against those who like her.

If you're warning us against a cult of personality around Palin, fine. Except you forget one thing. We're not Democrats. We have brains and self-respect. We also have reasons for liking Palin, which you may want to address in your criticisms of her.

I read you regularly and listen to your podcasts but I wonder if you're going to go all Andrew Sullivan on us. You're entitled to your opinion but it seems visceral in nature. I just think you're being unfair to her and those willing to give her a chance. I say so with respect and gratitude to what you do.

Comment Posted By ignorantapathy On 20.11.2009 @ 12:30


Rick, I'm not sure what your point is. Sure, I agreed with less taxes and smaller government, but it's going to be too hard? No kidding.

If nothing else, at least we're talking about solutions. Is fixing the economy going to be complicated, yes. But let's talk fundamentals and work though the details from there. For the love of Christ, the Dems are talking a second stimulus and you're ragging on Reaganomics.

You also need to point out alternatives if you don't like Palin's talking points. I had wanted to see Romney out there more but he's scarce. Not sure why.

Like it or not, Palin has tapped into something. I like her. Will I vote for her in 2012 if she runs/ But frankly, I'd vote for Piper Palin just to get Obama out of office.

For a woman written off as irrelevant back in August, she mounting a substantial comeback in very little time, no? Will it last? Who knows. I'm willing to give her a chance. Maybe you should too, despite how out of touch her defenders happens to be.

Comment Posted By ignorantapathy On 18.11.2009 @ 12:17

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