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I just want to say, thank you, Rick, for the correction. I may disagree with you much of the time, but you're behaving like a mensch. Rock on.

Comment Posted By jamie On 17.01.2010 @ 18:51

"The most amusing thing about this post is how the comments prove your argument."

Pointing out errors of fact is “worse than any one thing a Republican has done”?

Hey, far be it from me to pick on people for their voting preferences, but it seesm like at a certain point, intersecting with reality has to happen, lest one die from lack of oxygen, or wearing too many wetsuits.

Comment Posted By jamie On 17.01.2010 @ 09:54

"It is awsome to watch libs go to any lengths to win"

Did you miss the part where a demonstrable fact that was intended to support the argument was proven incorrect?

I mean, really, I'm game for learning that I'm wrong. But it is hard to come to any conclusion other than Republican partisans are living in a world unrelated to the rest of us.

Really, that would be fun for me, if I didn't give a damn. "It is always good news for Republians". Keep running on that, and enjoy the meth bunnies your local policy seems to breed.

Comment Posted By jamie On 17.01.2010 @ 01:36

Just own it. You were wrong. That's OK. I admit it; I'm reflexively partisan. You are, obviously, too. Accept that you made a false assertion. It is easier. I don't think you're a Hewitt, and now is the time to demonstrate that you aren't. Suck it up. While we choicers might be everything you hate, or might be something you fight from affiliation, well, fucked if I know, but I'd like to have ageement on some stuff with you. But game theory applies. Don't be surprise when "fuck you" is the answer.

Comment Posted By jamie On 17.01.2010 @ 01:10

"A side note of reality; there has never been a recorded instance of any hospital worker refusing to give the morning after pill to a rape victim if it was requested. "

You might want to plug "Lori Boyer" into teh googletubes. For starters. There are many of recorded instances of hospital workers refusing to give the morning after pill to rape victims after it was requested. But of course, reality has a well-known liberal bias.

Comment Posted By jamie On 16.01.2010 @ 19:38


i think custer was a coward he called anything a victory if he caught a camp of women and children and murdered all of them he called it a victory in my opinion he is a coward and a liar

Comment Posted By jamie On 27.08.2006 @ 23:35

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