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Good Grief. You should write fiction of novels. Perhaps you do. They would be page turners.

Sorry the whole Cross thing is silly. Itis a book case for goodness sake. THe more you talk about that the more you make people actually think you don't like Christians. That is of course insane

What the conservatives need to worry about is smearing Huckabee so much he is damaged. I ahve never seen so many distoration about his record in Arkansas. It is breathtaking.

Oh and lets talk about unfair articles. DId you catch that Novak article yesterday. As s former SOuthern Baptist I just was amazed how misleading that article was. Novak was using terms like conservative and liberal and iplying a political context to them. When everyone knows that followed that saga those terms that a specific theological context as to scripture. However the causal reader would think that Huckabee was appointing far left wackso in in the Baptist Church in arkansas. Yeah I have no reason to paranoid. Yeah right

THe Rush Limbaugh Ting was silly. Can we be honest here. It is Rush getting ratings. SOmeone that likes HUckabee in DC makes a comment to a obscure blog for Atlantic magazine and Rush goes ape ****. He was entertaining I suppose but has little to do with real issues

Comment Posted By jh On 21.12.2007 @ 19:45


"Huckabee did some decidedly unconservative things while in office. He funded road building by raising taxes. He initiated a state sponsored health care program for kids. He raised taxes a total of 21 times, increasing the average tax burden on state residents from $1,969 in the fiscal year that ended June 30, 1997, to $2,902 in the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2005"

I must say that I think many conservative Governors would be shocked that doing a gas tax for raods is unconservative. :) Again showing how dishonest these Club for Growth attacks are

Comment Posted By jh On 23.12.2007 @ 13:41


Great work here-

Let me get something off my chest first. I have been on the blogs and the conservative forums. I have seen a certain segment of conservatives that are engaging in something distasteful.

If certain Republicans and conservatives see this as a chance to purify the party of gays and bisexuals ,or take out out Republican leadership they think is too Rino in their view please by all means go and join the blogactives of the world. They are your common allies. Different Goals but yall have the same means. That means is called "outing". Sorry just seen to much of that today

That being said again good work. THe press has infuriated me all day mixing all these im's and emails together.

One other thing on the page gossip that I suppose some think the House should have acted on. I had a gay teacher once. All the teenage boys were always going off about better watch Mr x he wants you or Mr x looks at me etc. Well that was all happy BS really and stupid teenage kids just acting up. Mr x never did those things of course.

I see a similar case here. I have read the email and to be honest there is nothing there. I am not looking at that email through GOP rose colored glasses either.

A fact on Criminal prosecution and all that. I am not here to defend Foley at all. But if we are going to sling words around like Criminal prosecution around it would be nice to know if Im ing a 17 year old kid sexual related messages is criminal. Since I believe in almost all the States one can have sex with a 17 year old even if you are 108, I have my doubts it is illegal. Not defending Foley here but I think we at least need to quit worrying about showing sufficent rage and try to start getting facts down. Of course if not criminal it is a abuse of authority and highly unethical.

Keep up the good work. This is important

Comment Posted By jh On 2.10.2006 @ 01:31

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