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Also, you're lovely president is a coke head and your radio hero, Rush Limbaugh, is a pill popper. That's the thing about the right, you're all such a bunch of hypocrites. You call homosexuality an abomination and then take it up the ass when you go home.

Comment Posted By johnson strummers On 17.06.2006 @ 01:07

If I were you I would be very, very careful about calling Leopold a serial fabricator unless you can back it up with proof. Leopold has been known to sue--and win--for libel and defamation. Just a warning. There's a truckload of material available for you to use to make your case but I don't think you should start making things up like calling him a serial fabricator when you have no proof. I'm just sayin'. Could get very expensive for you and very ugly.

Comment Posted By johnson strummers On 17.06.2006 @ 01:04

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