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Bulls-eye! Dead cops, eh..."negro"? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

On a sadder note, the fun-guy has resorted to "I know you are but what am I?!?"

Liberals...Crap; filibuster; insult/ rave and rant; walk out. Great formula...

Comment Posted By JS On 28.07.2009 @ 21:22

Liberals rock. They love to invoke "logic" and how others can't keep up with their profoundly intelligent conversations, etc. You know, things like this:

"...For the next 40 years or so — up to and including today, July 26, 2009 — only a substantial portion of whites continued to wish they could enslave, rape, beat, torture, sell and murder blacks..."

The author says that a SUBSTANTIAL portion (probably meant percentage? Who knows?) of Whites, TODAY, want slaves. Not just to own, but to beat too! And we're supposed to take him, and them, seriously? Toss in some name calling - always a favorite of Liberals - and presto! they actually think they win arguments.

Another guy has decided what words White people can use, and has also developed the ability to read minds through the reading of said words. He knows what we reflect on! Spooky, huh? (Oops. I thing I just used a banned word. Shoot!)

This incident was like a Little Golden Book of racism. It couldn't have been any simpler, and yet they perform incredible (to them) mental gymnastics to twist the racism out of it. The first thing out of the mouth of a racist with a proven track record of being a racist, White hating, race hustler, is racist, and they see....Alpha males! Awesome!

Anyway, I have to go beat some of my slaves. Ah, WTH, I'm feelin real good today. I'll beat them all!

What retards...

Comment Posted By JS On 28.07.2009 @ 15:57

funny man

How on earth would you know what I reflect on?

And please point out anything that makes #37 a racist. Nothing he said was racist. This was what my original post concerned. The defining of terms, the insistence that whatever you want, or however you want something said, or thought , or done, MUST be followed, or else...they are a RACIST!!!

People are tired of the game, and yes, it IS a game. Tired of watching government sponsored and approved, segregated organizations like the Black Congressional Caucus (imagine being a White guy who voted for some Black guy, only to find out that the Black guy's main purpose is to represent Blacks, and not all of those whom he "represents", and who voted for him? Sucka!!), whose members insist they be called "African hyphen americans". Tired of the NAA "Colored" P, etc. If "colored is so GD insulting and worthy of violence, then why don't they change the name?

Easy. It's part of the giant chip-on-the-shoulder game. Even asking the question renders one a "racist".

People are starting to get it. People are starting to not care about people like you calling them "racist"

It's getting close to end game, so enjoy while you can.

A great man like Clarence Thomas is called an Uncle Tom, because he plays by the "White man's rules" (law and order, no kids out of wedlock, etc, I guess...), and I'm supposed to take YOU seriously? Lol. Sorry, my friend. Do. Not. Care.

Comment Posted By JS On 27.07.2009 @ 20:00


You don't see race in the confrontation? Well isn't that precious? And also, totally insincere. You, with the immediate ad hom's, and the "the cop needed to chill" (Chill? C'mon man...) are not worth the effort...


Just two Alpha males...? So why then, did one of the "Alpha males" immediately bring race into it? Also precious, but no deal...


WTH?That was not coherent...

Comment Posted By JS On 27.07.2009 @ 16:00

"...Coates, a very smart, very reasoned liberal who happens to be African American. His attitude toward the police has been influenced, then, by living as a black man in America and all that implies when it comes to his experience in dealing with what historically has been the heavy handed oppression of police directed against African American males..."

This is not an attack, just some advice. We could start making a difference, and putting an end to the ridiculous notion that America is racist, by ceasing to play by Black/ Liberal rules. A great starting point would be the end of the "name of the month/ chip on the shoulder" game that Blacks play. The insistence that they be identified as "African-Americans", while they freely shuffle between Black and African-American (a thoroughly idiotic term), is nothing more than manipulation. We should stop. They are Black, we are White. If that simple way of identifying the two parties who are at war is too offensive, then what hope does one have of engaging in fruitful work?

Anyone caught up in this game is there because of fear. There is really nothing to fear. This is not about the dreaded "N" word.

Enough already.

Comment Posted By JS On 26.07.2009 @ 12:38


"UN led troops" snort...giggle..BWAHAHAA

Comment Posted By js On 1.04.2007 @ 00:16

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