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@busboy33 Said:
1:29 pm

I don't believe that elections are won or lost because of any conservative talk radio/tv hosts. Where was their grand influence during the last election? It doesn't matter what any of them say, people are going to vote based upon how they feel the current political majority is doing. If they think they've abandoned their principles and things are going south then we get the results from last November.

I watch Glenn Beck and I think he's entertaining, but he's not going to matter one iota when election day comes. All that matters is how well the majority party is doing, if things are still in the crapper in 2010, Dems will lose seats. If things are looking up, at that moment in time, then they most likely will keep or gain in seats.

We need to be talking about how to highlight failing policies and make Democrats accountable for every problem that pops up in ways that pulls in those voters who don't vote straight 'R' every election. All of this pundit talk is just wall punching.

Comment Posted By kagai On 8.04.2009 @ 14:08

It amazes me that writers bemoan the state of conservatism by holding up such figures as Beck, Hannity, and Rush. Their effect on political direction is minimal at best. The problem with conservatism is the politicians that supposedly subscribe to the belief system, but, when in power, act every which way except in a conservative one.

When people elect you because you've told them your the party of small government, fiscal/personal responsibility, and low taxes, but spend eight years being the exact opposite of that, it gets you punted out of office and labeled "BS" artists.

So, tuck your Beck back in your pocket and write articles telling the "Republican" politicians to govern the way they campaign and stick close to conservative ideals. It's better to be kicked out of office for doing right by your principles then being labeled a liar for turning against them.

Comment Posted By kagai On 8.04.2009 @ 11:55

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