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Utopian idea of common good is akin a socio-economic cancer, or geriatric decline for formely dynamic societies. Individuals must eventually die to ensure ultimate survival of the human race. Societies must die to pave the way for new ones. Egyptians, Assirians, Arabs, Mongols, Turks, Europeans, Russians, all of them experienced the cycle of rise and fall in their societies. In any other science, such wealth of empirical data would be enough to derive a law. Only Americans think that they are above the laws of nature.

This post wonders about inexorable inevitability of phenomena that consume American society. 'Tis nobler to take arms against the seas of trouble, but is it possible to stop a tsunami, to quench an earthquake, to stem a flood, to deflect a hurricane? The social disintegration of American society is as natural as those easy to understand (and happening very fast) disasters.

Why Americans think that they are exempt from history?

Comment Posted By khr128 On 1.03.2006 @ 14:30

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