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I am troubled by people in general in this case and in other cases. It seems as if the world has somehow tunrned upside down. If there is one scintilla of evidence of something---people become SUPER DETECTIVES and enjoy ferreting out the perpetrator. CSI and Law & Order shows proove that. But if a MOUNTAIN of evidence exists---the opposite happens. People almost take a perverse pleasure in denying the obvious. The jury in the MJ case obviously succumbed to this faulty logic. They stupidly believed that if they were convinced he was guilty they had some duty to find him NOT GUILTY! This is not logic. The law regarding this even states that they could use past evidence of molestation behavior as AN INDICATOR OF GUILT in the trial. So instead they did the opposite and said he probably did it before but that was not evidence he did it then. VERY STUPID. There is so much evidence against MJ that he was a pedophile. You would have to believe an elaborate conspiracy involving hundreds of people clever enough to convince three boys who all look alike to lie and be humiliated. There is so much evidence that it constitutes an almost surreal and over the top obvious quality. But people still say "well--we don't know". The OJ case was the same. The guy has the victims blood on him and in his car and people perversely believe a conspiracy rather than the obvious. MJ was a pedophile. Too bad because he was also an entertainer who people enjoyed. Following some peoples logic--I guess three boys who all look alike who say Mj molested (but were lying) really lucked out that MJ had child porn in his house and also slept in bed with them. I guess the more outrageously bad you behave the more people let you off the hook. To all these people saying MJ was innocent. Please learn to process information in a logical way.

Comment Posted By kl On 27.06.2009 @ 17:24


"Just remember, Conservatives are silly but never-the-less, they are neccessary."

Yeah, these days you can't win an election without one!

Comment Posted By kl On 6.08.2005 @ 17:12

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