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And - not only was Bush's program found to be illegal (in violation of Federal Law) but unconstitutional as well (in violation of the Constitution). Those are two different things, legally.

You may not like Glenn Greenwald, but you have offered nothing to refute him.

Comment Posted By liberalpercy On 30.11.2006 @ 16:03

The federal judge's ruling was not overturned - it was appealed. The ruling was suspened for the appeal.

Comment Posted By liberalpercy On 30.11.2006 @ 15:59

Your site name is appropos. You definitely belong in the nuthouse if you cannot understand a few simple principles:

The Constitution requires warrants. Simple matter of showing probable cause. (Protects us from dictators and such).

FISA set up a court to handle secret warrants and makes it a felony to NOT get a warrant for domestic wiretaps. I.E - there must still be probable cause for even a secret warrant.

Bush authorized a secret domestic spying program in direct violation of FISA - and has admitted as much - arguing in Federal court that he is above the law.

What is not in evidence?

And then you say "That in fact, those in Congress who have been briefed on the program have not said one word about it being illegal." Duh! Congressmen and Congresswomen can't talk about it under penalty of law - something they respect more than Bush.

A simple thought experiment: I'll try to make it simple enough for you to get your mind around. If it were a Clinton with the power to wiretap anyone they wanted to - without showing probable cause - would you feel as comfortable about that power? If not - then you are a hypocrite.

Comment Posted By liberalpercy On 30.11.2006 @ 14:59

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