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Before Bugs, before William Bendix as Riley, there was Jimmy Durante. IIRC, when Bugs uttered "What a revoltin' development" in a cartoon, Mel Blanc used a DFurante voice.

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When I was a kid, I was a runner on Election Day for the Democratic Party. This was the Bronx Democratic Party, proud to be known as a "political machine." I learned all about the ways to commit voter fraud and how to spot possible fraudulent voters.

Voter fraud was so common that it was routinely shown in movies.

If you can get it, see "the Great McGinty" with Brian Donleavy. The opening shows McGinty, a "homeless person," voting under many different names for the orgnization. He votes so many times that the organization offers him a permanent position and he finally becomes governor.

One of the early Technicolor musicals had a scene in New York City where the Democrats were voting Irish immigrants right off the boat.

It was a common practice for the Democrats to put twenty or thirty "shoulderstrikers" on a horse drawn wagon and go from polling place to polling place, voting as they went.

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Roland was in command of either the vanguard or the rear guard but his orders from Charlemagne was to prevent the main body from being attacked without warning. He was also told to call for assistance if attacked. However, his ego was so great that he refused to sound his horn until it was too late for his troops.

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In general, I agree with most of your choices except for Roland. That thick-headed, conceited jackass led his troops into a trap and refused to call for assistance. By the time he was finally persuaded to blow that damn horn, it was too late. The relief force found nothing but bodies when they arrived. If Roland had had a brain, he would not have fallen for the Moorish trap, and, if he was not full of false pride, he would have called for help when the Moors sprung their ambush.

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