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dear sara in va,

....sorry but I dont believe in conspiracies that can take down our government. And when it goes down what does that accomplish?

You cynically hint at seeds because we wont have food, well then the entire world wont have food. no one would have food, even those who "take it down." what is the point with that? if there was a conspiracy it would always seek self-preservation.

...thru hard work of americans and the income they generate, there are still many ways to be successful as well as honest, even in the supposed worst of times. we speak there is positive news as much as negative (many companies are experiencing increased profits from the 4th quarter of the year before, from leggo to visa, from 30 to at least 50% increase over...)

....but the liberal media is only reporting the bad so that the socialist stimulis package gets passed on fear of some make-believe BS depression. My father grew up during the depression & he says this isnt even close.

This time next year, things will be no better or worse for me or many folks I know. The only thing different is who will be crying wolf or the sky is falling. last year it was paulson & pelosi, now its obama and pelosi, next year it could be santa claus & rudolph the red-nose senator...

really pathetic at who can become a "national leader" these sitcom comedy ever.


Comment Posted By lu-ee On 5.02.2009 @ 07:38

why is it that we always hear "lets hope Obama doesnt fail because then the country & economy will go into a tailspin?"

...can someone please show me the proof to such outlandish and hyperbolic comments? How has the president come by such power?

...the USA is not embodied in the office of the president, the legislative or judicial branches. We do not pledge allegiance to any man or woman but to the USA. The Spirit of the USA is housed in the spirit of its people.

...and frankly the people are more self-reliant, more compitent more moral and intelligent, more full of common sense, then any government official. They are so much more than anyone is giving them credit for.

we can, we have and we will survive even if Obama becomes an incompetent and irrelevant president. The country is so much more than the President. lets be real. personally I believe, i do not hope, but i do believe, Obama will go down as one of the worst prez's ever. He will be one of the worst because he was created by a left-wing corrupt political machine that is held together by special interest groups, by ideologues and by a proganda-producing press. Reality hasnt set in yet that what these left-wing folks have inhereited is beyone their intellectual, moral, and emotional capabilities.

enjoy the ride folks and thank the Lord for the little guys & gals who built this country, made it great, continue to cherish & protect it AND will keep it secure for future generations & the world to enjoy. The prez simply gets the keys to the kingdom for 4-8 yrs and then turns them back in for someone else.

It is not the prez who will save this country for future generations but its citizens. JUST LIKE IN KY WHERE THE FEDS ARE A NO-SHOW AND ITS UP TO LOCALS TO SAVE THEMSELVES. I REST MY CASE.


Comment Posted By lu-ee On 4.02.2009 @ 15:12

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