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The Free Speech argument is a Red Herring. Ahmedinejad has every right to speech but we do not need to give him the prestigious forum of Columbia so that he can use his speech for propaganda at home in Iran. The Constitution is not a suicide pact; To give such a forum to an expressed enemy of everything we believe, who is providing material support to kill our soldiers and innocents in Iraq, and who kills his own people who are not behaving like they are supposed to, is just plain stupid --called "common sense" by some. Yeah, let an enemy consolidate their position and strength at home -- just to please the Free Speech fetishists. Dumb.

Comment Posted By mbabbitt On 23.09.2007 @ 19:58


No other candidate besides Rudy gets it: to beat Hillary next year, start the campaign against her now. The ad provided the perfect opportunity for setting the line in the sand. Hillary dissed a General who she would command if she became president. Her slander was the same as but just more haughty. I was not a Rudy fan as a presidential candidate before but now I am. He knows how to fight Hillary and the Democratic machine and showed it in that ad. He fought in campaigns in NY and anyone will tell you that no wimps will win there. I think Rudy has the chemistry to fight and fight hard. I hope he exploits every Clinton and Democrat sham. Criticizing is one thing; placing an ad in the same paper, shows he knows how to strike back hard. That's a leader I want in the GWOT.

Comment Posted By mbabbitt On 16.09.2007 @ 23:01

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