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John Galt Said:
9:15 am

"I have no idea as to what the Federation’s Constitution is to make any comments on if they can trump state’s rights or not. The Federation might not have a 10th Amendment."

The federation would have to have a 10th Amendment, 0r something close to it. After all we're talking about an organization of true aliens, whose cultures may, in big and small ways, be diametrically opposed to each other. There would have to be a rule strictly limiting Federation interference into local matters (like say - Vulcans fighting to the death over marriage).

Comment Posted By mdgiles On 10.05.2009 @ 15:11


so whom do you trust? Anyone can publish what they want and if you don’t like the NYT, don’t read it. If I look around as objective as possible I would also say it is an uphill battle for McCain and the odds at this moment favor Obama. What evidence do you have that all the polls are ‘bogus’?"
And I would counter with, given the media's known biases, given the fact that any poll can't be affected by what, whom and when you ask, and given that if you read - if it's given to you - into the methodology used (the small print, all the way back at the end of the article - you know - the part where they admit Dems are weighted all out of proportion to their actual voting numbers); why would anyone accept them as accurate? You have the question backwards. It's not up to me, to prove the figures are inaccurate; it's up to anyone who swears by those figures to prove their honesty and accuracy. The idea that the should be accepted, simply on the say so, of any vested party is - in my opinion at least - just insane.

Comment Posted By mdgiles On 9.10.2008 @ 14:09

"Whether you guys like Obama or not, the Republic can survive four years of his administration (which is looking likely. The betting stats are wildly in his favor)."

Why is it looking "more likely"? Because a corrupt, biased media keeps trotting out bogus "polls" that say so? Because "conventional wisdom" - courtesy of the "usual suspects" - has it that way? What is it that causes people - who understand that what issues out of the mouths and word processors of the "chattering classes" simply cannot be trusted - still act as if there is "something" prophetic, in the swill "they" produce? If I'm not dumb enough to vote for Obama, why shouldn't I assume that the majority of my fellow Americans aren't at least as smart as I am? Why the assumption, that "everyone else" is being taken in by this clown?

Comment Posted By mdgiles On 9.10.2008 @ 12:09

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