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You know, when we have tornadoes in Kentucky, the first people on the streets, besides the individual homeowners, are the cops and fire departments, city workers clearing trees, ambulances, power companies, etc. FEMA doesn't really play into very highly. I realize the scope of the disaster at the Gulf shores is of an extremely higher magnatude, but unlike twisters, they had a long lead time... the local and state officials KNEW it was coming (they couldn't predict how bad, but they knew what it could be) and it appears they sat on their hands and hoped for the best. This blaming FEDERAL government for not smacking the local and state governments aside and taking over shows what little some of the comment writers understand of chain of command and viability of response. I think Krugman is just willfully stupid, or maybe a complete dumbass can work for the NYT... who knows?

Comment Posted By mistercalm On 5.09.2005 @ 21:41

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