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Jesus - of course some GOP'ers are racist. Quit living in your fantasy world.

Comment Posted By mkultra On 21.06.2008 @ 15:27

The GOP has already used race against Obama.

Are you racist if yo vote against Obama? No. Are you more likely to be racist? Yes.

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - un-fucking-believable.

I can use that kind of logic too. "If you vote for Obama, you are trying to hide the fact that you are a racist."


Comment Posted By mkultra On 21.06.2008 @ 13:58


"Look, the left can choose to get hyperexcited about how all Republicans are secretly gay. So let them have their fun. Blah, blah, who cares."

Becky, you miss the point. GOP politicians are - in the main - homphobic. That means they discriminate against men and women based on who they are.

You don't get it, Becky, Gay people are like black people 50 years ago - enduring your ignorance. And hatred.

F**K you Becky. Life is too short too actively engage people like you.

Comment Posted By mkultra On 28.08.2007 @ 01:53

Being against gays in the milirary is wrong. Like being against black people in the military. There is no difference. And yet all GOP candidates for Pres are against gays in the military. None of the Dem candidates are.

Right wing presidential candidates are bigots and so are the people who vote for them. It's that simple.

Comment Posted By mkultra On 28.08.2007 @ 00:07

"Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was created by Clinton. Last I checked he was a Dem. And how exactly is it homophobic anyway? Its SEX-o-Phobic maybe, but homo? No way."

So a Democrat attempts to deal with right wing homophobia, to mollify it, to cage the beast, and he is the bigot?

WTF is wrong with you? Seriously. Where is your f**king moral compass?

You are sick. One twisted sick MF. Sick. Get some help.

Look at the last GOP debate and the last Dem debate. All Dems would get rid of the law. All GOP'ers would keep it.

You are sick. Sick, sick, sick. Just like Moran. What is wrong with you?

Comment Posted By mkultra On 27.08.2007 @ 23:57

Moran says:

"The perception that Republicans are a bunch of bigoted blue noses stuck in the 19th century with Victorian sensibilities about the bedroom turns off a lot of voters – especially the young."

No, Rick, it is not the perception. It is the reality. Republicans hate gay people because they are gay. Why is that so freaking difficult for you to understand?

How many GOP candidates for President against don't aks don't tell? Not one Rick. That's reality, Rick. Not a percpetion, Rick. And the don't ask don't tell law is pure homophobia, Rick. Nothing more, Rick. Say it with me, Rick: Republicans hate gays. Say it again, Rick. They hate them. They hate, hate. hate, them.

That's reality, Rick. Got it?

And that's why the GOP is doomed. They have been reduced to the party of fear and hate. And young people don't do either. The GOP is holding this country back. Let's get beyond the hate, Rick. Let's get beyond the fear, Rick.

Perception? Are you freaking kidding? It's the reality, Rick. Welcome to the future, Rick. GOP = Whig.

Comment Posted By mkultra On 27.08.2007 @ 23:06

The cop arrested him, based on his belief that he had probable cause to arrest him. And Craig pled guilty to a crime. If he didn't do anything wrong, he should have gone to trial.

Moran says:

"The conduct doesn’t seem lewd to me and the whole story reeks of something very fishy. But the fact is, the Senator pled guilty and probably thought that it would stay out of the papers if he didn’t make a fuss."

It reeks of something fishy? Yes, it reeks of Craig committing a crime. What is your problem, Moran? I wonder what your comment would have been if Craig had been a Democrat.

And assuming the Senator thought it would stay out of the papers is even more asnine. Why in the world would he think that? Are you completely clueless about the justice system? He freaking told the cops he was a Senator. It is quite decidely not a "fact" that he problably thought his arrest would not make the news, contrary to your completely mindless ramblings. Cops talk to DA's. DA's talk to clerks and judges. All of them talk to support personnel. They in turn talk to their families. Who in turn talk to their friends. Why in the hell would ever consider for one single moment that he thought it would stay out of the news? Are you insane?

He pled guilty in spite of the fact that it would make the news, not because of it. Got it, Rick?

Craig is a member of the GOP, a party that is premised on homophobia. He is freaking hypocrite who got caught. Got it, Rick?

Comment Posted By mkultra On 27.08.2007 @ 22:58


"mkultra. Any you know this how? Facts: The “shia” have less than 50% of the seats in the legislature. All were elected at the threat of death. Al-Sadar put his name up but was not supported all that much. He is the “thug and terrorist”."

You are spewing Iranian propaganda. What is so fascinating about the war in Iraq is the converging agenda of the right wing nuts in this country and the power brokers in Tehran. Look, I know wingnuts love the Iranians, after all they sold the Iranians millions of dollars of arms in the 80's. Ollie North's "neat idea" and all that. (North should have been strung up for the traitor that he was.)

But the Iraq war had laid bare the extent to which wingnuts are willing to use US military might to further Iranian interests in Iraq.

SCIRI is the dominant player in the governing coalition. More importantly, it dominates the Iraqi interior ministry, and domestic secutiry forces, which are responsible for extra-judicial killings (read murders) of thousands of Sunni Arabs in Iraq.

Now, what is SCIRI? It is the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq. That's right: the dominant player in the governing coalition of the government we are defending has a standing call for an ISLAMIC REVOLUTION in Iraq. In other words, American soldiers must die to further the cause of the Islamic Revolution.

So just who are the members of SCIRI? Well, take Jamal Jafaar Mohammed, for example. He was elected to parliament on the SCIRI ticket. This same man has been sentenced to death in Kuwait for his role in the 1983 bombings of the French and US embassies.

So you would think we would snatch him and send him to Kuwait, right? Well, we can't - as a member of parliament, he has immunity. So he continues to be a member of parliament. And American boys continue to die to protect this Islamic terrorist.

It's wingnuts such as yourself Chief RZ that want to American troops to die so that terrorists like this piece of sh*t can continue to sit in the Iraqi parliament.

More recently, when US troops aprehended Iranian agents in Iraq for their terrorist activities, it was SCIRI that lobbied for their release - even though Bush himself has said Iranians are trying to kill Americans.

SCIRI was founded in Iran, financed by Iran, and members of SCIRI's militia, the Badr Brigade, are trained by Iranians.

And so what if SCIRI was elected? Hitler was elected. SCIRI is a terrorist organization doing Iran's bidding in Iraq and we are fighting and dying to protect them.

Those who advocate that US troops should remain in Iraq are doing so precisely to further Iran's interests in the country. After all, we intend the consequences of our actions, don't we.

Comment Posted By mkultra On 20.04.2007 @ 18:34

Training them to do what?

Answer: Protect a Shia dominated government made up of criminals and terrorists whose only goal is to kill as many Sunnis as possible and whose chief ally is Iran.

Look, anyone who knows a damm thing about Iraq knows that Maliki is a thug and a terrorist. He doesn't give a damm about creating a representative government. His governing coalition is made up of thugs and terrorists and extremists? SCIRI? It is the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq? Why in the hell are we dying for Islamic revolutionaries? And Sadr? Yes, his people have a seat in the government too. Why are we dying for him? He is a terrorist, and yet our troops are supposed to be protecting the very government in which his people have a voice.

I call that treason. My tax dollars are protecting Sadr. That is nuts.

Why are protecting a government made up of terrorists and Islamic revolutionaries? That's insane!

Wingnuts, a day of reckoning is coming for you. And that day cometh soon.

Comment Posted By mkultra On 20.04.2007 @ 15:07


Why are American troops being asked to die to protect a government made up of Iranian backed Shia thugs? Maliki is a Shia thug. The governing coalition is made up of Shia thugs beholden to Iran. SCIRI? Sadr? Just who do you think these people are who make up the Iraqi government? They are Shia thugs whose only goal is to kill as many Sunnis as possible. And what are we doing? Helping them do it.

The real traitors in this mess are those who seek to keep our troops in Iraq. We are fighting a civil war on behalf of Shia terrorists who are beholden to Iran. That's insane.

There is no moderate center in Iraq. There is no political process. There is only a civil war to the death.

Shame on all the wingnuts who want our troops to fight for the Shia thugs and their Iranian backers.

Comment Posted By mkultra On 20.04.2007 @ 14:58

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