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I wish everyone would stop running for their respective corners. I agree that no one should be surprised by the escalation. With news pundits throwing around inflationary statements and every responsible party acting partisan and immature it is no wonder that the rest of the sheeple wouldn't just react. It's not just Obama's fault, but everyone of our representatives. There is a dire need to adjust the Health Care industry because it has major problems. The changes are coming out of Congress and not the White House since only COngress can make laws. Both sides are acting with corporate lobbyists paying them off and people are impatient. The Media hasn't analyzed any part of the legislation, but act like commentators at a rugby match. They also feed misinformation and allow proven dimwits to talk. I think we have all lost sight of the last 8 years and how we got here. You are just letting the same people get you angry using the same means for a different purpose. Nice going everyone!

Comment Posted By Muffler On 7.08.2009 @ 12:35


The whole "birther" logic is tragic at best. This has been debunked over and over again. You might not like his politics and I will assume if you don't then you didn't vote for him, but more people did vote for him than didn't. That makes him president.

There are a few issues here. If you complained about "left wingers" not accepting Bush's win in 2000 or calling him names and then labeled the left wingers traitors for not supporting the President - it's time to walk the walk. You can't have it both ways.

If you are unhappy with Obama's 6 months in office then state your reasons without resorting to names, talking points or unresearched innuendo. Contribute to the debate and not start an argument. Do some research and use all the facts.. not just the ones that suit the point you want to support.

America will be healthier for it. Strong debate and researched options are what makes things work.

Comment Posted By muffler On 22.07.2009 @ 14:19


I have a few comments. The first is where did this document originate? Anyone please? It's not classified so it should be generally available from official sources. I can't find a link. Second. These kinds of reports take months if not more to produce and yet miraculously it has appeared within 90 day of the new administration. I need more proof of legitimacy.

Comment Posted By muffler On 14.04.2009 @ 07:52


The constitutional qualification of 35 years of age and born American we meant to avoid qualifications like wealth, land ownership, heredity etc. It was implied and hoped that the people would select the finest they could since it was in their best interest to have someone with the right requirements at any specific time in history. Sarah Palin isn't in our best interest. She was a political pick to get McCain elected. This is not country first!

Comment Posted By muffler On 26.09.2008 @ 16:59

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